Astrological Forecast: The Week Ahead: August 25 – August 31

The Sun continues to make its way through Virgo, making this a good time to finish that project that’s been lying on the back burner for so long. Virgo is arguably the most productive sign and when Virgo season comes, take advantage of that get-it-done spirit.

Mercury joins Mars and Venus in Virgo on August 29. With Mercury in Virgo, your mind may be fixated on the details. You may also find yourself being more analytical than usual, which can be helpful, again, in getting an important project or task done.

Mars continues to move through Virgo and will stay until October 4, again highlighting your hardworking side.

With Venus in Virgo the practical side of your relationships may take center stage. Doing things for your partner such as sewing on that button or cooking that favorite meal will show your love for them. If you’re looking for a relationship you may be drawn to someone who’s slow and steady rather than the exciting prospect at this time.

Venus trine Uranus on August 26 so you may find yourself considering taking a risk in love. Consider waiting a few days to see if the desire is a true one or simply a flighty impulse.

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Look for a Mars trine Uranus on August 28 and the Sun trine Uranus on August 29 so that risk-taking side of you is likely to expand into other areas of your life.

A waning moon makes the early part of this week a great time to focus on what it is in your life that you don’t want or that no longer serves you. Whether it’s unwanted pounds, a relationship that’s no longer good for you or clutter in your closets that you want to throw away, now is the time to focus on letting things go and opening up to the void that is created. (Remember, a void is needed for anything to manifest). As the moon goes dark, you may feel the desire to go within. Reflect on what you want to manifest in the next cycle.

This Friday, Aug. 30, the New Moon in Virgo takes center stage. What projects or achievements do you want to be enjoying this time next year? Set the intention during this New Moon in Virgo. Consider doing a new moon ritual. At least write down your New Moon intentions in a journal so you can track your manifestation over time. If you wrote down your New Moon intentions during the last New Moon in Virgo, check to see how far you’ve come.

As far as the signs the moon will be traveling through this week:

From Aug. 25th though the 27th, the moon will be in Cancer. Your emotions may be leading you at this time and you may be more sensitive than normal.

On Aug. 28th and Aug. 29th, the moon will be in Leo, so you may be feeling a flair for the dramatic.

From the 29th though the 31st, the moon will be in the sign of Virgo, ripe with New Moon energy during the entire three-day period. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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