Build work confidence with these throat chakra tips

throat chakraIf you find yourself holding back at a meeting or afraid to tell your boss what you really think, your throat chakra may be holding you back.

Have you ever noticed that the people who speak up at work the loudest seem to always get ahead? Even when their thoughts aren’t original and they are just repeating someone else’s great idea, the loud mouth often gets the promotion over the quieter, more intelligent employee. It’s not fair, but unfortunately it’s true.

So what can you do about it? If you can’t leave corporate America behind, sometimes you have to mimic what’s working. While I’m not advocating changing your personality, it is important that we all cultivate the confidence to speak up and share our ideas even if it’s so that others won’t take credit for them!

Sure you can sign up for a Toastmaster’s class, and hey, it might be a great idea. But another thing you can do is do some work to balance your throat chakra.

So what’s this about the throat chakra?

As you’ll see in this article about chakras, they are energy centers that run from the top of our heads to the point just below our spines. We have seven of them and each one regulates a part of our physical, emotional, and spiritual beings.

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The fifth chakra, also known as the throat chakra, is the energy center that is located around your throat area. The throat chakra rules over your ability to communicate effectively and your willingness and effectiveness when it comes to speaking your truth.

When our throat chakra energy is not balanced, we may not speak up when we want to. You know that feeling of really wanting to say something and knowing that you have a great idea but hesitating because you’re not sure about how the idea will be received? If you feel that way, chances are your throat chakra could use a little work.

On the flip side, your throat chakra could be unbalanced if you talk too much or are always cutting people off. Moderation is key; you want to be able to speak up for yourself without speaking over others.

So how can you balance your throat chakra so you can feel more confident speaking up at work? Try these chakra balancing strategies.

Wear the color blue.

Every chakra has an associated color. The color associated with the throat chakra is blue. Color therapy allows us to impact the energy of a particular chakra by adding more of that color to your surroundings or reducing that color in your surroundings.

If you think your throat chakra energy is too weak and you feel hesitant about speaking up, add some more blue to your wardrobe at work. Maybe you wear blue on a day when there is a big office meeting and you want to have the confidence to speak up and make a point. If you really want a throat chakra boost, try using a blue scarf since it’s located in the throat chakra area.

Use crystals to balance the throat chakra.

Crystals have energy and when we use them strategically, we can use them to help to balance our own energy. Certain crystals are good for balancing the throat chakra. Among them are:

My favorite stone for balancing my throat chakra is blue lace agate. On a day where I want to boost my confidence so that I can speak up, I typically wear a piece of blue lace agate in a locket such as this one. (I highly recommend buying a locket if you want to work regularly with crystals. They are very inexpensive, and you can switch crystals out and wear the one that you want to work with on that particular day.) You might also keep a couple of these crystals on your desk at work.

Use meditation and visualization.

Meditation and visualization are very powerful ways to balance our chakras. Since you’re focusing on the throat chakra, let’s work with the color blue. Get in a comfortable position and pay attention to your breath and then visualize blue light washing over you from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. You might also visualize a blue light washing over you right before you have to speak up in a public setting.

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