Does alcohol help or hinder psychic ability?

Psychic ability calls upon us to be aware of the subtle changes in our environment and what we are picking up subconsciously rather than what we perceive with our logical minds. So does alcohol help or hurt?

It depends upon who you ask. Some say that alcohol dulls our senses causing us to no longer be our best selves while the alcohol is in our systems. However, others say that alcohol lowers the barriers that our ego puts up. Once those barriers are down, we are more open to receiving information that our logical minds might dismiss.

It’s interesting to note that some famous psychics and channels describe drinking alcohol prior to going into meditative and trance-like states. For example, Jane Roberts, who channeled the popular Seth material, described how she would often drink wine before going into a trance.

While¬†alcohol may lessen the grip of the conscious mind, there are some benefits to using both our conscious mind and our subconscious mind when using our psychic ability. Sometimes the conscious mind can help us to interpret our subconscious mind’s signals. Our conscious mind is also what we use to take action once we receive a premonition.

For example, if you’re drunk and you get a premonition of danger, the alcohol can keep you from recognizing the premonition for what it is and acting on it. So in that example, the benefit of the alcohol (the lessening of the conscious mind’s grip) is offset by the failure to take action.

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There really is no right or wrong answer. Psychic ability is a personal thing and the way one person responds to it or develops it is different from the way that another person responds to it or develops it.

When working with your psychic ability, pay attention to what conditions work best for you. Notice when your intuition is strongest, and notice when you’re prone to make mistakes. That way, you can respond to your own particular situation and make the most of your inherent psychic strengths. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.