In Danger? How a Psychic Shield Can Keep You Safe

A psychic shield can protect you from negative energy and outcomes.

psychic shield

If you are in physical danger, a psychic shield can be the only thing standing between you and harm.

There are all kinds of situations we can find ourselves in where we may feel vulnerable to some type of danger.

Maybe we fear for our physical safety. For example, we may be walking outside to our car at night and notice a sketchy-looking stranger lurking nearby. Or perhaps we feel emotionally unsafe. For example, we may intuitively know that a jealous co-worker is sending bad vibes our way.

We may also be in danger of picking up on negative energy. A negative vibe can leave you feeling sad, confused, overwhelmed or even depressed.

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Regardless of the type of danger, a psychic shield can help keep the violating offender at bay.

What is a psychic shield?

Have you ever been mad at someone and put an emotional wall up between the two of you? Or maybe someone else put up an emotional wall keeping you out of their lives. If you’ve ever been on either side of an emotional wall, you know it can keep the two opposing parties from communicating in a meaningful way and it can block the relationship from moving forward.

Think of a psychic shield as an energetic barrier between you and the world at large (or between you and whomever you want to stay away from you). An effective psychic shield keeps others from interacting with you, causing you harm and in some cases, one can even keep others from noticing you in the first place, acting somewhat like an invisibility shield.

However, unlike with an emotional wall, the person who is being kept out really won’t know that you’re keeping them out. Rather, they will simply feel no desire to cross your energetic boundary.

How shields work

There are a couple of different ways that psychic shields work. One way is they serve as a repellent. We all give off vibes. When someone gives off good vibes, we want to be around that person. When someone gives off bad vibes, we instinctively want to stay away. A psychic shield can cause someone to feel uncomfortable around your energy, which could keep them from interacting with you.

Say you’re walking home and you suddenly notice someone eying you and as a result you feel unsafe. If you put up a shield, it may cause your energy to shift so that the shady character suddenly feels unsafe around you. You may literally start giving off vibes that tell that person to keep their distance. In this situation, the shield is effective as that unsafe feeling could then cause the person to walk in a different direction.

Another way psychic shields can work is they can literally make you seem invisible. Have you ever been in a situation where you saw someone you knew and prayed to yourself that they would not see you? (My fellow introverts likely know what I mean.)

A psychic shield can in a sense mute your energy so it’s not picked up by a certain person or anyone at all. Why would you want to mute your energy? If your energy can’t be picked up on, then those people who you believe you’re in danger from (or who you don’t want to interact with) are less likely to even notice you, which may, in fact keep you safe.

How to create a shield

There are different rituals for creating different kinds of shields. However, a simple way to create a shield is by visualizing one and setting a clear intention to keep someone — or everyone — out. As you visualize, see the energetic blanket surrounding you and keeping you safe.

It might be easier for you to visualize the shield being a different color. You might visualize a red shield if you want to repel others and keep them from interacting with you in a meaningful way. Along the same lines, you might visualize a grey shield if you want to appear invisible.

There are also metaphysical tools you can use that might make it even easier to put a shield of protection around yourself such as protection crystal body oil.

Once your shield has served its purpose, you may want to remove it. A spiritual bath can help you ensure that any energetic remnants are gone. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.