Intuition Saved You How Much?

I’ve been getting some emails and twitter updates from people sharing some of their experiences with intuition and I thought I’d post a few.

Pandzz, who’s blogging about her experiences with synchronicity, writes: “I used my intuition today-got my hotel via; something told me to check the hotel’s page and I did and saved nearly $150.”

Otesa Middleton Miles, who writes newsletters, pharmaceutical marketing materials and other items for numerous companies and associations, reports: “Last week I was thinking about a Mexican restaurant I used to go to regularly. The next morning, I awoke to an email from the co-worker I always went there with. She googled me, said I’d been on her mind. We hadn’t talked in years.”

Finally, a third reader, Florence from South Carolina, writes that she dreamt about a friend she hadn’t talked to in months. In the dream, the friend was crying. When she woke, Florence called her friend up to find that the friend’s daughter had been rushed to the hospital the night before but was now doing fine.

Intuitive Action Item: I’ll be posting readers’ experiences periodically so if you’ve got a story about how you’re making intuition work for you, drop me an email at or send me a tweet at

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  1. Anonymous says:

    On my way home from work yesterday, something told me to go a way I normally don’t go. Found out later that there was a bad accident on the interstate. I avoided a MAJOR traffic jam.

  2. Nice blog. Come see ours for stories of synchronicity.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I went with my gut once and bought stock in a company that was just starting out. Made a pretty penny though I lost some with everyone else last year.

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