‘Lucy’ and the secret to psychic ability

The move ‘Lucy’ starring Scarlett Johansson has been met with mixed reviews and people seem to either love it or hate it. If you’re interested in psychic ability — and you likely are if you’re reading this site — you’ll probably enjoy the movie.

Without giving away too much, the movieĀ is about a young woman named Lucy who is forced to become a drug mule, but when her body ingests the drugs it causes her brain to function at a higher level than mankind’s brains currently function. Once that happens, Lucy finds herself with many powers she didn’t have before, and psychic ability is one of them.

So what would happen if we were suddenly able to use more of our brains than we ever have been able to before?

That premise isn’t very far-fetched, as many people believe (myself included) that psychic ability is a gift that everyone has, and it is controlled by a portion of the brain. Like a muscle that you work to strengthen, psychic ability can also be strengthened if we just learn to use that portion of our brains — and use it regularly.

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There are also many who believe that healing capabilities also are connected to a portion of the brain that we do not typically use. There are people who have the ability to heal through different modalities such as Reiki, crystal healing, energy healing, and acupuncture. Such gifted individuals are simply tapping into a natural ability that we all have. It is also widely believed that meditation serves as an entry point to this part of the brain. The more you meditate, the better able you are to tap into the part of you that can access psychic ability.

As we evolve, and we learn to harness our abilities and put them to use, it is likely that we will begin to see how much more powerful we are. We will be able to better sense when something is wrong even when there is no physical or logical sign. We will be able to heal others and ourselves. We will be able to recognize our premonitions for what they are — glimpses into a period of time that is not the present. Time is not linear. Premonitions don’t so much peer into the future as they provide insight into a moment outside of our present consciousness.

The movie ‘Lucy’ is a sci-fi fantasy, and it has its big Hollywood moments that are pure entertainment. But the premise of it goes much deeper than the surface. Many of the people who were disappointed in it were looking for a straight summertime adventure flick. They hadn’t signed on for a metaphysical mind bender that will have you questioning your connection to God and the Universe and everything else in it.

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