Negative energy at work? Smudge your workspace

negative energy at workWe spend so much time at work, that it’s no wonder we sometimes encounter negative energy there. Perhaps someone has consciously or unconsciously initiated a psychic attack on you. Or you just may be around people who have some funky energy wafting around them. One way to get rid of some of that negative energy at work so you don’t end up carrying it around with you is to smudge your workspace.

Smudging is the act of burning sage, an herb that is used both for cooking and for medicinal purposes. When you burn sage, the smoke from the sage is believed to carry away negative energy, leaving the space around you clean and purified.

You can buy a smudge kit for less than $20. The process of smudging is quite simple. Pour clean sand or fine dirt into a ceramic dish. Place the smudge stick on the dish. Light the smudge stick, and then blow out the flame. Allow the smoke to permeate your workspace. If you have your own office, open any file cabinets or your desk drawers to allow the smoke to make its way throughout.  Also pay attention to corners, since negative energy likes to gather in tiny crevices.

Don’t Let Smudging Get Your Fired

Now we must address the practicality of this. Every workplace is not going to be open to the idea of employees burning sage inside, so make sure you consider your environment before doing something that could get you fired. Some workspaces may even have rules against lighting any kind of fire inside.

If your employer is open about such ideas, great. If you work with holistic people who understand the value of positive energy, you might even suggest that the office hold a workshop on the topic. It benefits the workplace because when people feel good and feel energized, they are more productive. Maybe you have a boss who is open to new ideas, and if you do, why not broach the subject?

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If your boss is ok with the idea, you still might want to wait until after hours when most people are no longer there because someone could be uncomfortable with the idea of smudging being done around them. If you can, you might even want to go in on a weekend and smudge. I don’t recommend that you do this in an open setting without mentioning it to your boss. If you have your own office and can close the door and do what you want, go for it.

If you work in a setting where smudging just would not be allowed, there is another way you can cleanse yourself from the negative energy at work. Everyday when you leave the office, you can go home and smudge yourself. Simply light the smudge stick, blow out the flame and allow the smoke to waft over your body.

By doing this exercise, you’ll chase away any negative energy that may be clinging to you from the time you spent in a toxic workspace. When you’re home, you might also want to open a window to give the smoke (and negative energy) a place to go once it leaves your auric field. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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