Psychic hunches and online dating

Your intuition can be critical to helping you size somebody up in person. After all, how many times have you met someone and known instantly that they couldn’t be trusted. On the flip side, have you ever met someone and known instantly that you would be friends or even romantically involved?

Not only can your intuition provide hints on who you should spend time with in the real world, but it can help in the virtual world, as well. Spending a couple of months on an online dating site an jumpstart your romantic life, by allowing you to meet many different people in a short period of time. There are even sites for people who have a metaphysical or holistic take on life.  brings together people who live a life that prioritizes psychic ability, the Law of Attraction, energy healing and other spiritual concepts.

If you’ve thought about online dating, or you’re currently a member of an online dating site, consider these tips for letting your natural psychic abilities provide input on who you should go out with.

First instincts still rule. Just as you’re advised to follow your gut in the real world, you should do the same when you’re browsing online profiles. If someone catches your eye be open to further communication with them. Along the same lines, if someone is instantly repelling to you, there’s no need to move further along.

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Wait for a physical reaction. When reading profiles, you’ll likely feel nothing for the majority of people you come across. However, some profiles may elicit a physical reaction from you whether it’s a laugh or a rise of excitement. The reaction is your intuition telling you that something is important. When someone moves you, it’s a sign that this may be someone to pursue things with further.

Look for similarities. One way that intuition speaks to us is by highlighting similarities between people. For example, you may meet someone who reminds you of a friend. That could be your intuition’s way of telling you that this person has similar qualities. When someone’s profile makes you think of another person, consider your relationship with that other person. If it’s a good one, then this might be a good relationship to pursue further. If a profile reminds you of someone you have negative feelings about, look elsewhere. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.