Psychic animals, pet psychics and animal telepathy

Humans aren’t the only ones who can have psychic abilities. There are psychic animals as well. In fact all animals have psychic abilities. Animals are typically more in tune with their psychic abilities because they’re not worried about what’s logical and what makes sense in the world. We don’t normally talk about animals having psychic abilities or animal telepathy; rather, we describe how animals have great instincts. But that’s just another way of describing the same phenomenon.

You’ve likely heard that animals are good at identifying people that they find threatening. For example, a dog might instantly growl at one person and be calm around another. You can often get good insight into a person’s intentions simply by seeing how your pet reacts around that person. For those who are dating, it’s a good idea to watch how your pet acts around a particular suitor. If your pet instantly dislikes the person, take that as a sign to tread cautiously.
There are also well-documented instances in which animals sensed a pending disaster before the disaster happened. Remember the tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands in Sri Lanka and India back in 2004? There were many eyewitness accounts of  animals in those areas reacting and fleeing to higher locations moments before the tsunami struck. According to National Geographic, elephants screamed and ran for higher ground, dogs wouldn’t go outdoors, flamingos moved out of low areas and zoo animals rushed into their shelters.

The psychic abilities that those animals exhibited are not unusual. You can probably identify psychic abilities in your own pets by noticing the following signs:

Your pet always senses your bad moods. Does your pet come around you and try to comfort you when you’re sad? Or stay away from you when you’re angry or upset? Notice how your pet responds to your different moods and you’ll see that your pet is able to sense your energy and respond accordingly.

Your pet seems to be seeing things that aren’t there. Have you ever noticed your dog or cat looking up in the air as if something is there? Only you don’t see anything? There likely is something there that your pet is able to see. Often pets can see beings from the spiritual realm who are invisible to us. You may see your pet’s eyes following something and it may in fact be a Spirit Guide or an ancestor of yours who is checking in to make sure things in our life are right.

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Your pet reacts prior to weather disturbances. Just as the animals were able to sense the coming tsunami, your pet may become nervous or hide when a storm is approaching. The sky may be sunny where you are, but pets can typically sense a change in weather that is pending. If your pet suddenly becomes anxious or nervous, pay attention. He or she may be telling you to prepare for something big.

Your pet also could be trying to tell you something important. Again, your psychic animals can sense the energy of others. Your pet could be trying to tell you that someone’s intentions are not good toward you. Your pet could also be trying to tell you something about his or her health. For example, if the food you’re feeding your pet makes him feel bad, he could be using animal telepathy to try to let you know.

One way to find out what your pet is thinking is to go to a pet psychic. There are dog psychics, horse communicators and other types of intuitive people who specialize in certain types of animals. Then there are those pet psychics who specialize in communicating with all types of animals. You can get an online Pet Psychic Reading from LivePerson.  You can do a live chat, an email or a phone session and get instant answers to all of your pet-related question. Questions you might ask include:

Is my pet happy?

Is my pet healthy?

Does my pet like my boyfriend?

Does my pet like his new toy?

What does my pet want to tell me?

What can I do to make my pet happier?

Your relationship with your pet is likely one of your most precious relationships. Make sure you understand all that your furry friend is trying to tell you. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.


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