Psychic cords and how to cut them

Have you ever had a bond with someone so strong that you can’t seem to get them out of your mind? Or perhaps you share a connection with someone that is so powerful that you often think the same thoughts at the same time, or you conjure the person up by getting a phone call or a visit right when you’re thinking about that person. If that’s the case, you may share psychic cords with others in your life. A psychic cord  is basically a telepathic or energetic connection between the two of you.

psychic cordsJust as a real-world cord ties two things together, a psychic cord literally ties you energetically to the other person. It is very common for there to be a psychic cord between mother and child or between lovers.

But psychic cords don’t just develop as a result of love. Other strong emotions such as grief and jealousy can create psychic cords. Even an overbearing and controlling person, such as a boss, can create a psychic cord with someone that he or she is exerting their power over.

Often people who have psychic cords between them can literally boost or drain the energy of one another.  In this instance, it’s easy to see that a psychic cord can be helpful at times, but it can also be harmful, as well.

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When you need to cut a psychic cord

Psychic cords are generally temporary in nature. If a strong amount of emotion is shared between two people, a psychic cord can temporarily form. In most cases, as you go about your day-to-day life and the other person goes about their day-to-day life, a psychic cord will naturally weaken and go away.

But that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes a psychic cord remains strong even though you want to maintain distance with a certain person. This frequently happens when love relationships go bad. You may break up with someone and you agree to go your separate ways yet you continue to have a psychic cord between you and this person. Some signs that this may be the case include:

—You can’t stop thinking about your ex.

—Your ex continues to pressure you to be with him or her long after you know the relationship is over.

—Your feelings of sadness continue for months or even years.

—You can’t seem to move on with your life after the end of a relationship.

If you cut the psychic cord, you will likely feel better. Your thoughts about your ex may lessen over time and eventually go away completely. Your sadness may lift and be replaced by more feelings of joy. You may be able to move on with your life and even look forward to living and loving again.

Other psychic cords, such as those based on jealousy, control or other not-so-healthy connections also need to be severed as well so that you can live your life independent of the energetic influences of others.

How to cut a psychic cord

Once you realize that you have a psychic cord that ties you to someone you no longer want to be tied to, you want to cut it. One of the best ways to cut a psychic cord — particularly a strong one — is to seek professional help. A psychic can often see a psychic cord that’s tying you to another person and can work with you through meditations and other energy work to cut it. Simply give a psychic a call and let him or her know that you suspect that you have a psychic cord connecting you to someone. The psychic will tune in to his or her Spirit Guides to see if your hunch is correct and work with you to solve the problem. You can contact your local metaphysical shop to find a psychic or get a recommendation from a friend who has visited psychics. If you can’t wait to get an appointment or you don’t know of a psychic in your vicinity, try Oranum since they let you chat with a psychic for free to help you determine whether you want to move forward. You can access an Oranum psychic here.

You can also ask your angels or Spirit Guides to cut the cords for you. Archangel Michael is often called upon to help people to cut cords from others in their lives. Silently say a prayer, asking your angels and Spirit Guides to help you free yourself from being connected to this person.

Candle magic can also do the trick. Burn a black candle or better yet a banishing candle and visualize the cord between you and this person being cut. I often burn incense while burning a candle and once the incense burns out, I put out the candle with a candle-snuffer.

Another way to cut psychic cords or keep them from forming in the first place is to take a spiritual bath or go for a swim at the end of the day. Water cleanses energetic connections and by bathing at night, you remove temporary energetic bonds before they have a chance to strengthen while you sleep. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.