Psychic, headstrong: Are you an Indigo Child?

Headstrong, creative, psychic, old soul. If those words describe you and you were born after 1978, you may be an Indigo child.

Indigo children are children thought to have supernatural abilities and traits, and these theories are based on concepts from the early 1970’s by Jan Tober, Nancy Tappe, and Lee Carroll. Indigo children are believed to have started incarnating after 1978.

Most people think Indigo children do have a special purpose and a mission on the earth. It is often easy to identify an Indio child, as most can be distinguished through their creativity, spirituality, behavior patterns, and their sensitivity. There is not a difference in look in Indigo children, as they look just like normal children, but many have different behavior characteristics.

Indigo children are very energetic children with a strong willed mind, and most know their own importance and value on earth. Most Indigo children do not adhere to authority and authority figures, and do not like being told what to do.

In earlier times, Indigo children could be easily recognized by their auras, but other strategies have come into place, making it easier to recognize them. Parents of children may often wonder if it is possiblethat their own child or children may be an Indigo child. There are many types of behaviors that parents can look for in their children, such as a child that is headstrong and strong willed, gets bored very easily, loves different animals and plants, and does not like to be disciplined.

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Indigo children are strongly focused on changing the world, and eliminating old world values, only to replace them with new values. Indigo children want the world to adhere to the new values of brotherhood, unity, integrity, and love. The Indigo child loves to forgive others, as they see this as an opportunity to heal the earth. Indigos have a true belief that all countries and people should come together to make this a better planet to live in, as equality is one of their strong traits.

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