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Psychic predictions about the Donald Trump presidency

Well you had to know it would happen. Now that the question is no longer ‘who will win the American election’ but rather ‘what will happen with the Donald Trump presidency’ a new flood of predictions are beginning to surface. (Click here to learn how to make your own predictions about the outcome of the Trump presidency.)

Some of the predictions aren’t new by any means. For example the famed prophet Nostradamus wrote in Century III, Quatrain 81: “The great shameless, audacious bawler, He will be elected governor of the army: The boldness of his contention. The bridge broken, the city faint from fear.” Many believe this to be describing Donald Trump and the beginning of World War III.

Another famous psychic, a Bulgarian blind woman named Baba Vanga who died in 1996 made many predictions that are believed to have come to pass including the election of Barack Obama. One of her predictions was that Obama would be the last American president, which has some speculating that something monumental will happen before Donald Trump is inaugurated.

Chicago psychic Susan Rowlen told the Chicago Tribune that Trump would find himself in controversy after controversy. She told the newspaper: “We’re going to look at a president who broke so many rules — a very brash, abrupt person. He has all his ideas, but he doesn’t really have a clue how to put them in force.”

Chicago psychic Andrew Anderson also told the Chicago Tribune that Trump had some tough times ahead. He predicted that the connection to Russia would prove to be bigger than anyone imagined.

There are also some books that provide a psychic view of a Donald Trump presidency. Donald Trump is in the Cards: A Predictive Look at the Donald Trump Presidency was written by a remote viewer who claims that Trump has a similar energy to both George Washington and Herbert Hoover. The book also discusses some of the intense enemies Trump has made in the Republican party and how those frayed relationships could impact his presidency.

The book says that Trump’s influence comes to a head in 2018. Many pundits are suggesting that Trump will get impeached. Could this be what 2018 is describing since technically Trump is supposed to serve until 2020.

A second book, Remote Viewing the Three Paths of Donald Trump, takes into consideration the fact that we all control our destinies. Any psychic reading is reflective of the path you’re currently taking. If you suddenly shift directions in your life, you can change any prophecy. So this book looks at three different scenarios that could take place according to the Annapolis Remote Viewing Group’s take on Trump’s energy. One path has Trump being attacked, another has his presidency being undermined and a third has him triumphing in some way. No matter which path ultimately prevails there are lessons to be learned in each, and regardless of what is written in the cards, Trump, himself, has the power to either make or break his presidency.

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