Psychic Predictions for 2011

So we’ve been talking about how intuition is a great way for us to empower ourselves and listen to our higher voices, but it can also be fun. With 2010 behind us, it’s time for the crystal balls to come out and the predictions to flow.

Whether you’re interested in global happenings, politics or celebrities, there are psychics who are clamoring to tell you what’s new for 2011. Below is a sampling of some of the predictions floating around the Web. But before you get caught up seeing what other people have predicted, check out our Intuitive Action Item below.

Intuitive Action Item: Write your own list of predictions for the year (remember, these are not personal predictions, but rather about the world, the country, celebrities – you decide). Put your list in a place where you’ll be able to find it next year. If you’re really brave, post your predictions here. When 2012 comes around, you’ll be able to see how much you already knew.

A smattering of predictions from around the Web:

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