How to get inside the head of your lover and everyone else

Recently, I blogged about the basics of psychometry, but have you thought about how you could use it in the real world? To refresh your memory, psychometry is the ability to read the energy of an object. When you hold something in your hand that belongs to someone else, such as a coin, a key or a piece of jewelry, you can pick up psychic impressions about that person.  We hear all the time about psychics using it to find missing people, but we can use it to gain more insight into our own personal relationships.

Think about the people you love and those who you spend time with everyday. Wouldn’t you like to gain insights into their moods, into their lifestyle or even into their thoughts if those thoughts pertain to you? Think about how helpful that could be when you’re gauging your personal relationships.

1.If you start dating someone, you can pick up the person’s watch and possibly get an insight into whether he is seeing somebody else, or whether he’s perhaps still in love with an ex. With this knowledge, you can decide whether you want to keep moving forward in the relationship or keep it moving without him.

2.If you’re in a relationship with someone and you pick up an unwashed shirt, you might get flooded with the sense that your significant other is cheating on you. With that information, you can determine how you want to proceed in the relationship.

3.If you pick up a pen in your boss’s office, you might get an idea whether your boss is stressed out about how the company is really doing. With this knowledge, you might decide that it’s better to get your resume circulating sooner rather than later.

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4.If you pick up a friend’s keys off the table, you might get a psychic impression of the sadness or depression your friend is experiencing despite the fact that she keeps a smile on her face. Armed with that knowledge, you can offer more support, or make an effort to spend more time with your friend to help her through a rough time.

5.If you pick up the hat of one of your co-workers, you might get a sense that the co-worker is jealous of you. With that information, you can more readily watch your back when working on the project that you two are handling together.

I in no way condone using psychometry to intrude on someone’s thoughts or to try to learn things that are none of your business. However, the psychic information you pick up can be used to help you to make better decisions about your relationships. Psychic ability gives you an edge. Why not use it? may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.