Reading auras: Aura colors and what they mean

Your aura is your energy field, and it is a very real part of your existence. When you strengthen your psychic abilities, much of your sensitivity to others comes through the aura. It is also through your aura that psychic connections are made. If you’ve ever instantly known more about someone than you would logically expect to know, chances are that information passed from their aura to yours.

While auras are invisible to most people, some people can psychically ‘see’ the auras of others. Auras are colorful, with different colors meaning different things. Your aura may be predominantly one color or it may be a mixture of colors depending upon the status of your energy at a particular time.

The colors of the aura

So what can you tell about someone from their aura?

Different colors mean different things, as far as the aura is concerned. A color may also have multiple meanings depending upon what other colors surround it. If there is a lot of red in your aura, it could mean that your energy has a lot of love, passion or even anger in it. Red is a powerful color and it typically denotes strong emotions. Orange, which is a combination of red and yellow, often indicates creativity and renewal. It also could indicate that someone has a lot of healing energy. Yellow typically describes one’s mental capacity. Someone with a lot of yellow in their aura may be very intellectual or ruled by their thoughts. Green typically symbolizes balance, particularly between spiritual and earthly endeavors. Someone with a lot of green may be well grounded. In some cases, green in someone’s aura may also mean someone is jealous — the term ‘green with envy’ is in fact a very metaphysical term.

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Blue typically relates to spirituality and psychic ability. Someone with a lot of blue in their aura likely is comfortable spending time in spiritual matters. Indigo conveys even more spiritual power than blue. Moving up the spiritual spectrum, violet in one’s aura also indicates a high level of spirituality and more of a selfless type of love. For example, a mother who has recently given birth and is in love with her newborn child might exude violet in her aura. Browns in the aura typically mean there is something negative in a person’s energy. Black is the absence of color. If you see black inside of an aura, it could represent an energy blockage.  White is the color of spiritual perfection and typically shows that someone is in true alignment with their divine nature.

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