Signs your Spirit Guide is communicating with you

Our Spirit Guides are here to help us to succeed in life. They know our dreams and aspirations, and they work to help us to evolve the way we intend to when we begin our lives. We can call our our Spirit Guides whenever we need help or want spiritual guidance. However, our Spirit Guides often initiate communication with us by sending us messages about what’s going on in our lives.

For example, a Spirit Guide might want to tell you to slow down and be more cautions about a particular situation. On the flip side, a Spirit Guide might want to encourage you and show you that you are moving in the right direction. Messages from your Spirit Guide can provide clarity and they can help you to make decisions that will be best for you and your soul’s evolution. They can also help you  when connecting with your spirit.
However, often we miss the messages from our Spirit Guides. We may be so busy in our day-to-day lives that we don’t take any time to be still; we may be so caught up in the chatter in our heads that we miss the tiny whisper that our Spirit Guides are giving to us. If we continue to miss messages from our Spirit Guides, they may look for more extreme ways to get our attention. Here are some signs that our Spirit Guides have something important to say to us.

Three ways your Spirit Guide communicates with you

—You hear the same message over and over again. Have you ever had someone tell you something only to have another person repeat the same bit of information a few days or even a few hours later? Spirit Guides often use others to communicate with us. They’ll inspire someone else to say a word or a phrase that you’ll recognize to be important. If the information is repeated multiple times, you can bet that your Spirit Guides consider that to be extremely important information.

—You hear a voice in your sleep. Spirit Guides often communicate with us in our sleep. Often this communication will seem to take place outside of your dream. You may be dreaming as usual when you hear a sentence with instructions or a suggestion. That could be your Spirit Guide seeking to communicate with you when you are asleep, since your defenses are down at that point and you’re not caught up in your conscious mind.

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—You see animals in unexpected places. One way that our Spirit Guides communicate with us is by using animals to give us messages. Have you ever been driving only to see a deer cross your path? There is a metaphysical reason for why that deer crossed the road at the exact time that you were traveling down the street.  Determine what the animal represents to you. For example, you might consider squirrels to be smart animals because they store their food for the winter. If that’s your first thought about squirrels and you happen to see one cross your path, the message could be for you to save some money or other resources for a rainy day.

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