Uri Geller describes life as psychic spy

No doubt you’ve heard stories about governments using psychics as spies. Is it true or fanciful thinking? So many stories pop up that I have to think there’s some element of truth to it. Take Uri Geller.

Uri Geller is a self-proclaimed psychic who has made his name bending spoons and other objects with his psychic abilities.

Geller says he served as a psychic spy for the United States and Israel. Among his claims: his psychic abilities were used during a bombing of an Iraqi nuclear facility and also during a mission to release hostages that were being held at Uganda’s Entebbe Airport.

According to The Independent, a CIA operative tested him “to see if I was real.” Evidently it was determined that Geller’s psychic abilities were on the up and up as he claims to have worked for their agencies for more than 30 years.

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Anyone who has ever listened to their gut and benefited from it (or failed to listen and regretted it) knows that there is something powerful about innate knowledge that we don’t understand. Why wouldn’t governments try to take advantage of this power or at least explore ways to do so?

Chances are most governments have their resident psychics who advise them and help them to anticipate what their enemies are doing. While Geller won’t go into detail about what he did for the U.S. and Israel, his stories gives credence to the important role that psychic ability can play.

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