What to do With Wedding Ring After Divorce? Bad Energy?

I heard a fascinating question today. A reader was wondering what to do with a wedding ring after divorce and asked whether a wedding ring could have bad energy attached. She wondered whether she might experience bad luck by holding onto her wedding ring. Could holding onto her wedding ring block her from meeting someone new?

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One thing we know: Clothes that have been worn have energy. Figuring out what to do with the wedding ring after a divorce can be a challenging endeavor. I mean, the ring might mean something to you sentimentally, and it’s valuable. But if your marriage and the end of it were painful, that energy may be attached to the ring. What energy are you picking up from the ring? When you look at it, how does it make you feel? When you put it in your hands, how do you feel and what do you think about?

If you feel great when you look at it or touch it, then chances are, you are not being impacted by negative energy. But if you can’t stand to see it and you have to lock the ring up in a box where you won’t think about it, you might need an energy fix. (And just so you know, locking the ring in a box where you can’t see it doesn’t guaranty that its energy won’t reach you and affect you, particularly if you’e an empath.)

Signs a wedding ring may have bad energy

There are a number of signs that a wedding ring may have bad energy:

You feel bad when you look at it.

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You become sad and think about your ex when you look at it.

You feel like you’re getting revenge on your ex by keeping the ring.

You wear the ring to drive potential romantic partners away.

You want to get rid of the ring but can’t bring yourself to do it.

What to do with a wedding ring if it has bad energy

So what do you do if the energy of the ring isn’t making you feel so great. Naturally, you can sell the wedding ring after divorce. You may even be able to get a pretty penny for it to help you move forward in your life.

However, another option would be to cleanse the ring of the negative energy. You can always go to a psychic to have this done, but you can also do it yourself. One way to do that would be to smudge it. Here’s a description of smudging and how to do it. When smudging an object, you simply make sure that the smoke from the smudge stick wafts over the object. The smoke will then carry the negative energy attached to the ring away.

Another way to cleanse the energy is to soak the ring in sea salt and water. If you know anything about crystals, you probably know that sea salt and water are often used to cleanse their energy. Diamonds can also be cleansed in this way. Simply soak the ring in sea salt and water overnight and voila, your ring will be as ready for a new start as you are.

Now that you’ve taken care of the negative energy, there is still the second part of the question: Can keeping the ring block you from meeting someone new?

I am a huge believer in closing old doors before opening new ones, and I personally would not keep a wedding ring if the marriage ended in divorce. Why would I want to keep it? I wouldn’t want to give it to someone like my own daughter because I’d wonder if I might be jinxing her marriage by giving her the ring. Also, I’ve always found that when I let go of something in my life and allow a void to develop, something always comes along relatively quickly to fill that void. In fact, I regularly turn to the wisdom of the void to get what I want in my own life.

What I would do is sell it and use the money to enhance my romantic life. I might use the money to get a makeover done or refresh my wardrobe or pay for a subscription to an online dating service. I’d do something with it to show my intention to the Universe that I’m ready to move forward with a new relationship.

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