What are love binding spells?

Should you ever use magic to bind someone you love to you? Read on to see the pros and cons. 

love binding spellsSometimes those who are in tune with their psychic abilities can just know that someone is their soulmate or is destined to be their life partner. But maybe the other person is not in touch with his or her psychic ability and can’t see this. If you find yourself in this situation, you may be tempted to try using a love binding spell.  However, before you use a love binding spell you should understand the premise behind such spells and how powerful they can be.

One of the most frustrating feelings in the world is being in love with someone who doesn’t recognize how powerful and important the connection is. If you have psychic ability, it’s very common to recognize a serious relationship before your partner does. If your partner isn’t aware of how strong the connection is, you can feel rejected, misunderstood and lonely. If your partner is still dating other people because he or she can’t recognize your relationship for what it is, you can feel betrayed and devastated. It’s even worse because you know this person is the one for you. So if you find yourself in this predicament, you may think seriously about doing a love binding spell.

What is a binding spell?

Binding spells basically are about restriction. For example, a binding spell can restrict someone from harming you or taking a certain action. An example of efforts to use binding spells include those in which people are using magical techniques to attempt to bind the actions of Donald Trump.

When it comes to love binding spells, there is another dimension. A love binding spell can restrict someone from loving someone else. If you’re in love with someone who has not yet decided on you, a love binding spell might cause that person to stop seeing other people and commit to you.

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Hold up, do you really want to do that?

Now before you say that sounds great, think about what you’re really doing, here. Technically you are forcing someone to be with you. How in the world is that romantic? You’ll always wonder if the person would have chosen you on their own.

Then there is the concept of free will. Magic should NEVER be used to take away someone’s free will. Think about how you would feel if someone did that to you? Would you want someone who you didn’t want to be with to use a spell that would force you to be with him or her? If the answer is ‘no,’ you should treat others the way you want to be treated.

Plus, if you KNOW this person is destined to be with you, you don’t need to be pressed, right? There’s no reason to rush things or to nudge them. You can just let them happen.

But there is another more selfish reason why you should think long and hard before doing a love binding spell. Once you bind yourself to someone, it’s difficult to reverse the spell.  You have to ask yourself: Just because I want to be around this person today, does that mean I want to be around this person forever?

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Binding spells are no temporary relationship fixes. Rather they create a connection designed to last a lifetime, or even lifetime after lifetime if you believe in reincarnation. Can you absolutely trust a person enough to bind them to you forever? The last thing you want to do is bind yourself to someone who can later turn around and do you harm. I’ve seen enough ID Channel movies to see cases of people KNOWING someone was for them and having that person chop them up into tiny pieces. What if you binded yourself to someone like that?

There are potential risks involved with performing a love binding spell.

Someone could become a stalker if you were to later decide that you didn’t want that person around you.  The power of the love spell could affect that person’s energy to the point that they refused to let you go. And could you blame them? Actually, you couldn’t because your binding spell could have had an impact.

Two people binded by a love spell could also have a more difficult time if they have to be separated by life circumstances or even death.  Love binding spells are not to be taken lightly.

Good things can also come about from a binding spell. Some couples have used love binding spells as a way to celebrate their love together. However, both parties knew about it and were ok with it. When done responsibly, a binding spell can be a useful tool in your arsenal to create longlasting relationships. But even in this case, when doing a binding spell a couple should also include a line about allowing the spell to be reversed if either of the parties were to change their mind at a later time.

Magic should be about empowering us, not restricting us. That means, we must be allowed to evolve and change our minds!

Common ingredients in love binding spells

So if you decide to try this, what do you need to perform a love binding spell? Among the most common ingredients to be found in love binding spells are pictures of yourself and the person you want to be binded to. In some spells, a piece of hair belonging to yourself and one belonging to the person you want to be binded to can also be used. You basically want something that represents you and something that represents the person that you are binding yourself to.

Other common ingredients in love binding spells include: candles, incense, and red ribbon.

A simple love binding spell to perform involves using a needle to make a hole in each of the pictures and using red ribbon to tie the pictures together. Burning incense and candles magnifies your intentions, making the love binding spell more powerful. If you have an alter you’ll want to perform your ritual on your alter since it’s designed for sacred work.  

If you’re simply looking for love and want to announce your availability to the Universe, you might try a regular love spell rather than a love binding spell. Traditional love spells aren’t about another person; rather they are about you. They provide a way for you to focus your intention on the outcome of attracting love into your life. You can find plenty of spells here.

Bottom Line: Love binding spells can be a fun way for a couple to create a ritual that will show their desire to stay together. But binding someone to you against their will can cause all kinds of problems at a later time. Think long and hard about the way that you use magic. You should never do things with magic that you would not someone to turn around and do to you. Karma has a way of evening things out.

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