What is automatic writing?

Have you ever had to write something and you didn’t know where to start? Then, suddenly, a burst of inspiration struck out of nowhere and the words just poured out of you? That’s happened to me. Many times. As a former journalist, I have seen many a day when I would be on deadline and I’d have no idea how an article was going to unfold. Over time, I realized  something interesting that would help. When I would close my eyes and ask Spirit to help me write the article, I would receive a burst of creativity and the article would seemingly write itself. I know now that I was experiencing the art of automatic writing.

automatic writingAutomatic writing, sometimes referred to as spiritual writing, is the act of being a channel or conduit for writing that comes from a spiritual source.  Another word for it is psychography, and when the act of automatic writing takes place, it is without the conscious knowledge of the writer about what is being written. I’ve literally looked at something I’ve written and had no recollection of actually writing it. In some cases, the words didn’t even seem like words that I would use.

Automatic  writing can help you out in a number of ways.

1. It can provide insight into a problem that you have.

2. It can provide insight into problems or challenges that your loved ones may be facing.

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3. It can be more general in nature and provide guidance or wisdom that all people could benefit from.

4. It can provide information or lessons in the form of a story or some other type of creative fiction.

Automatic writing can occur spontaneously or you can develop a routine or ritual that invites the spiritual world to communicate with you.

Automatic writing is also considered to be a psychic ability. A number of writers have taken on the subject of automatic writing.  Hyppolyte Taine was one author who wrote about spiritual writing in the third edition of his De Intelligence in 1878. One of the world’s most famous detectives dealt with automatic writing in a case titled New Revelation. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote that writing occurs by a person’s subconscious or by external spirits. Since Doyle was a spiritualist, it stands to reason that Sherlock Holmes was also.

How to get psychic answers through automatic writing

To make automatic writing work for you, beginning with William Fletcher Barrett’s explanation is a good place to start. To begin receiving automatic messages begin by loosely holding a pencil or pen to a sheet of paper, or by using a planchette, (ouija board) to spell out the messages. You can also use a computer. I’ve often found that it was easier for me to receive the messages when I was writing rather than typing. These writings can occur in either a trance or in a state of mindful awareness. Once you’re ready, try the following.

Set the intention to receive inspiration from Spirit. Clear your mind and focus on a question or simply be open to whatever comes. Some practitioners of automatic writing have a specific spiritual entity in mind when asking their question; others leave their question open to any entity who answers. When I do it, I don’t think so much of where the information is coming from; instead I simply am still and wait to receive the message. I then write. 

The use of psychic ability for automatic writing has produced many works of literature, the most famous being the books in the Bible dictated by the hand of God. Other works of writing believed to have been completed via external spirits include Helen Schueman’s “A Course in Miracles,” and Neale Donald Walsch’s “Conversations With God.” Nostradamus is also known for going into trance and writing prophecies via automatic writing.

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