Why you should charge your Tarot deck

If you use Tarot cards to give psychic readings to yourself or others, you know that you develop a special relationship with your Tarot cards. You may find that some Tarot decks resonate with you more than others. You may also find that a particular deck that once worked well for you doesn’t have the same effect anymore. Maybe it’s more difficult for you to do readings, or maybe you don’t get as much insight from a particular Tarot deck as you used to. Sure, you can always look for a new deck to use, but the problem may be more simple. The problem may be that it’s simply important for you to charge your Tarot cards.

Charging your Tarot deck is about infusing energy into the deck so that the cards can better speak to you. One reason your deck may need to be charged is because you use it so often. Another reason may be because other people, such  as clients have touched your cards. (Many professional Tarot card readers forbid their clients from touching their cards for this very reason.) Perhaps time itself has simply rendered your cards in need of a charging. If you have a new deck, you may simply want to charge the deck before you first use your cards as a way of orienting yourself to your cards.

How to charge your Tarot deck

There is no right way to charge a Tarot deck. There are a number and variety of ways. Among them:

Putting your cards back in the proper order from first to last (The Fool Card to the World Card). Do the same with each of the suits. When you start doing Tarot card readings you know that each time you shuffle, there’s no telling what card will end up next to what card. By putting the cards back in their proper order, the belief is that the cards connect with those that they originally were meant to connect with, and that gives your deck the proper charge.

Letting your cards be charged by the Moon. The cycles of the moon are powerful, particularly the New Moon (a time of new beginnings) and the Full Moon (a time of release). Many Tarot users charge their cards by sitting them on a windowsill or somewhere else where they will be infused by moonlight, particularly during a New Moon or Full Moon cycle.

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Using Sea Salt to charge your cards. Some Tarot card readers use Sea Salt, which is known for its healing properties, to charge their cards. Simply sprinkle the Sea Salt over the cards as they lay on your reading cloth. The Sea Salt is believed to absorb any negative energy.

You might also learn from other Tarot readers their suggestions for charging their Tarot decks and other tips and tricks to the trade. Celebrity psychic John Holland is even offering a course through Hay House in which he teaches how to up your Tarot Card game. In the online course, he also shows you his tips for charging his cards.

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