Will a Spirit Guide help you to hurt someone?

spirit-guide-grThose who are familiar with the concept of Spirit Guides know that our Spirit Guides are here to support us through life. However, what happens if someone wants to do something ‘bad’ such as hurt someone or take something that doesn’t rightfully belong to them. Would a Spirit Guide get involved and help?

In the book Discover Your Psychic Type, Sherrie Dillard, a professional psychic and therapist, addresses that question. She said a client once asked her if someone wanted to do something like kill his wife, would a Spirit Guide help out?

Your true Spirit Guides are working toward the betterment of your soul. They are a force for good and they see what is best in you, even when you can’t see those positive attributes yourself. Spirit Guides communicate with us through intuitive thoughts, hunches and synchronicities. When things simply work out to our advantage they sometimes were influenced by our Spirit Guides.

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However, while Spirit Guides will help you, they won’t do so at the expense of others. The belief that someone has to lose in order for us to win is a human belief that is not based on the abundance of spiritual teaching. Rather, it is a belief in lack that your Spirit Guides will never get on board with.

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So if you’re contemplating doing something that will hurt someone else, a true Spirit Guide won’t go along for the ride. Think about the Law of Karma. You get what you give. Putting out negative intentions toward someone else will only bring negative consequences to you, and your Spirit Guides don’t want that to happen.

But that’s not to say that some other non-human being wouldn’t offer its help. Dillard writes: There are many thought forms or energy forms that exist on different levels of reality. Based on our soul, thoughts, emotions, and intent, we attract to us energies that are the most similar to our own. Unfortunately, people who have a desire to create misfortune for others or to harm themselves will attract similar energy forms.¬†

In life, it is often said that¬†like attracts like. People say that if you want to know someone, look at the people who are closest to that person. The same holds true in the metaphysical world. If you want to attract spiritual energies that will guide and uplift you, set the intention to bring light into your world and that’s the kind of spiritual support you will get. If you flirt with darker intentions, you may end up attracting metaphysical attention that isn’t looking out for your higher good.

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