Yes you can communicate telepathically

Have you ever wished that you could say something to someone who is no longer a part of your life? Well, you can. Though humans use words to communicate, we can also communicate with our thoughts. In other words, we can communicate telepathically. The problem is we often block out our ability to sense the thoughts of others, or we have so much chatter inside of our minds that we can’t pick up on what others are saying.

communicate telepathicallyBut you can communicate with someone telepathically, particularly someone you’ve had a strong connection with in your life. There are a number of reasons why you might want to do this:

  • You can apologize to someone who is no longer in your life for a misunderstanding or a hurt that you caused.
  • You can pave the way for better interaction with someone you don’t get along with. Call a truce telepathically and see how the tension in the relationship eases.
  • You can let someone know how you feel about them if you’ve been unable to convey this information face to face.
  • You can forgive someone who has hurt you cutting the cords of anger or disappointment that bind you.
  • You can send messages across a crowded room. Click here for some telepathic exercises to try in a crowded room

How to communicate telepathically

So how do you communicate telepathically? It’s really very simple. Intention is a powerful thing, and intending to communicate telepathically is half the battle.  You can also turn to tools such as crystals to help you forge a telepathic connection with someone.

When you want to communicate telepathically with someone, it helps to get into a meditative state because that quiets your mind allowing you to more easily transmit thoughts and take in the thoughts of others. Some may find that  meditation music designed to promote telepathy can help.

Then you want to use your imagination to create a scene in which you are physically with the person you want to communicate with. Create a scene that is comfortable to you. Perhaps in your imagination, you’ll be sitting with the person on the beach or spending time at a place that is important to the both of you.  The idea is to set a scene that is comfortable for you so that you can relax and allow your thoughts to be transported.

Finally, you simply begin to have the conversation in your head. Try to create as many details about the scene as you can in your mind  and believe that the words that you are saying are being heard by the higher self of the person you want to communicate with. In fact, the words are reaching the heart and higher self of the person. We’re all connected and this exercise in telepathy can prove that to you. You can also use techniques to test your telepathic communication.

Notice how the relationship shifts according to the conversation that you have in your head. Telepathy can be the basis of all of your relationships if you’re willing to have an open mind and believe.

If you really want to improve your telepathic abilities, consider taking a psychic development course where you will literally be taught techniques to help you transmit information and better pick up information from others telepathically.  If you think you have a telepathic connection someone but you’re not quite sure, a psychic may be able to give you some insight. Click here to find one.

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