Yes you might be divorcing your soulmate

One of the greatest misconceptions that people have about soulmates is that they only have one soulmate and that person will be the love of their life.

The truth of the matter is you can have many soulmates. And despite what Hollywood would have you believe, every soulmate is not meant to be your lover or connected to you in a romantic fashion. So many movies glorify the struggle that soulmates go through in order find each other and stay together. That makes good fiction, but unfortunately it is not the reality that many people experience.

There are typically some soulmates that we fall in love with. However, all soulmates are not to be together for their entire lives. There are people who may enter our lives for a reason or a season, and just because the time period may be short doesn’t take away from the meaningful soulmate connection that we share.

When you factor in the issue of past lives or multiple lives, you must consider the possibility that you may spend time with a certain soulmate in this lifetime and another soulmate in another lifetime. Yes, you can fall in love with more than one different soul in different lifetimes. How wonderful is that? But you can also spend time in this lifetime with a soulmate and realize you want to part ways. It’s easy when a relationship doesn’t work out to tell yourself that that person must not have been a soulmate, but they may very well have been. In fact, it’s rather likely since one of the most important functions of a soulmate is to teach us lessons on the soul level. Most of us learn major lessons from our failed romantic relationships. The person you divorce is likely one of your greatest teachers in your lifetime.

While it’s possible that you are divorcing your soulmate, don’t lose sight of the fact that we typically have multiple soulmates – even in the same lifetime. So a divorce or failed relationship does not mean that you won’t experience a soulmate connection again.

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On the contrary, it creates a void and nature abhors a void and will naturally try to fill it. By going through the pain and healing that typically comes with a divorce, you’ll prepare your soul to invite in and attract other soulmate connections, one of which might actually once again lead to marriage. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.