3 signs a psychic is not authentic

While a psychic can be extremely helpful in bringing clarity to your life, there are, unfortunately, scam artists who seek to prey on the vulnerability of those who are seeking answers in their lives. Such individuals take advantage of people by telling them a load of mumbo-jumbo simply to collect money. Whether such scam artists are truly in tune with their intuition or not, their actions are not in line with the greater good of everyone involved. Unfortunately, scam artists also make all psychics look bad, as people who have been scammed often believe that their experience is proof that intuition is nothing more than magical thinking.

So how can you determine whether the psychic you’re talking to is authentic?

First of all, trust your own intuition. Everyone has intuition and is psychic to a degree. Some people, however, have stronger intuitive muscles than others so they’re more in tune with the information they are picking up through their sixth sense. If you’re interested in psychics, chances are your own intuition is pretty good since you’re already open to the psychic world. If you feel good when you come in contact with a psychic, that’s a good sign. If you feel nervous, anxious or uneasy that person may not be authentic — or authentically aligned with you.

Second, be wary of anyone that asks you for too much information. A psychic is there to provide information to you. Such information should not be contingent upon you giving him or her your entire background story first. Sure, a psychic may ask a question here and there for clarification purposes to help put information in perspective. But if you find that you’re doing more talking than the reader then you should cut the reading short and only pay for the time that you used.

One of the biggest signs that a psychic is authentic is a tendency to require that you come back. When you get a psychic reading, you should leave having received a completed service. Noone should tell you that you must come back (and pay more money) to have a curse removed or that you need to spend so many sessions with him or her to experience a full healing. Those are hallmarks of scam artists, who prey on people who have problems and are willing to do anything to solve them. One of the most outrageous experiences I’ve ever heard of involved a psychic (scam artist) who told someone they would get into a car accident if they didn’t come back with $100 to have a curse removed. Luckily, this person was familiar enough with psychics to walk away without worrying about being in an accident and possibly drawing a terrible situation to her through the Law of Attraction.

Of course there is nothing wrong with visiting a psychic again or even many times if you find someone you are compatible with who helps you to find clarity. But if it’s not 100 percent your decision to do so, you’re taking a risk on a slippery slope.

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