What can a medium tell you?

Few things are as painful as the death of a loved one. But mediums are psychics who are particularly adept at communicating with those who have passed over to the other side. A medium can receive messages from your loved ones who have died, providing much-needed closure. Mediums can also convey messages from those on the other side that are designed to help you or possibly warn you about something. Perhaps the biggest benefit of visiting a medium is the reassurance that life does not end at death, as well as the realization that our loved ones are still a part of our lives though in a different form.

So what specifically can a medium tell you?

That all depends on the strength of the connection between the medium and the spirit. Some spirits — particularly those that are new to the afterlife — do not have much control over their energy and cannot maintain a connection with a medium for long. Likewise some spirits have certain information that they want to convey to the medium and won’t share anything else. When you go visit a medium, it’s better if you allow the medium to make a connection with whomever is most willing to speak with you. If you go to a medium simply wanting to speak to one particular person, you may miss out on an important message from another spirit who cares about you.

Mediums in media

There are a number of television shows that feature the work of mediums. Theresa Caputo, who you may recognize from the Priceline commercial in which she channels the Priceline Negotiator, has a television show that airs on The Learning Channel, in which she works as a medium. John Edwards and Lisa Williams are other mediums who have had their own shows that lift a veil into the world of mediumship. If you watched the show ‘Medium’ starring Patricia Arquette, you also got an idea of what life is like for a medium.

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Use your intuition to find a medium. Do a Google search of mediums in your region and pay attention to the way you feel as you read the listings. If someone seems more intriguing than the rest, that is a sign that there is a connection between you and that medium. Likewise, if you attend a psychic fair or another event that features multiple psychics and mediums, trust your instincts and choose the medium that you’re most drawn to.

If you’re not sure whether you should visit a psychic or a medium, use this rule of thumb: If you have general or specific questions about your life, such as whether you’ll find a new job or when you’ll find a new mate, your best bet is to go with a psychic. However, if you’d like to communicate with loved ones who have passed on and you’re interested in whatever such spirits would have to tell you, then a medium is what you should look for.

While a medium may ask you questions to verify certain information that they are getting, a good medium won’t ask you for details, since he or she will want to get that information on their own. If a medium is asking you a ton of questions and not giving you any information, then you should probably be skeptical of that person. A medium should be giving you information without your help.

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