3 signs animals are psychic

Humans aren’t the only ones who are psychic. Animals also have inherent psychic ability. In fact, our pets and other animals are arguably more in tune with their psychic abilities because they don’t have a culture that idolizes the logical mind over intuition. For animals, everything is about instinct and you can’t get more intuitive than that.

But if you’re one of those people who demand proof of everything (and chances are you’re not, since you’re reading this site), there are signs that one could point to that show that animals can teach us a thing or two about how to be psychic.

What are some things that you can learn from your pet?

Animals can detect danger. Pay attention to the actions of your pet the next time a storm is coming. Animals have an uncanny ability to know something big is amiss before it happens. There are countless stories of wild animals running away prior to a natural disaster striking such as an earthquake or a tsunami. ¬†Animals can also sense when an enemy is nearby. When an animal seems disturbed by something — or someone — pay attention and don’t take it lightly.

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Animals often know when their owners are on the way. If you’ve ever been left alone with someone else’s dog or cat, you may notice the animal start to get excited a few minutes before their owner arrives. How these canine and feline friends know their owner is en route is a mystery, but even in cases when the time isn’t predictable, pets have a knack for anticipating the owner’s arrival. Clearly these animals are somehow in tune with the energy of their human parents.

Animals can often find their way home. Have you ever had a pet get lost for weeks at a time and then find its way home? Perhaps the animal was nearby all the time, but there are documented stories of animals traveling across country to find a family that has relocated. Again, it appears that pets may be able to sense the energy of their owners and sometimes hone into it. If the connection is strong enough, it can lead the animal hundreds of miles to their owners.

Our pets can teach us a lot about psychic ability and intuition. They are masters at being still and knowing what they know. And their behaviors can sometimes clue us in to something that may be unseen in our environment.

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