3 ways to strengthen your psychic ability

It’s great to have a psychic hit now and then, when you feel something in your gut that turns out to¬†come true. However, there are ways to strengthen your psychic ability so that you are not simply using your intuition to react to things but rather to anticipate what choices you should make next in your life.

Practice slowing your mind. Thinking is one of the biggest barriers to a free-flowing intuition. When we are so focused on figuring things out, we miss the subtleties of a situation. For example, our intuition may be telling us that a person isn’t being honest with us but we don’t act on that information because our logical mind tells us a person has no reason to lie.

One of the best ways to stop thinking so much is to spend time in relaxation. Many people run from the idea of meditation, thinking that it is too difficult to be still, but meditation is nothing more than relaxing your mind. In fact, you can introduce meditation into your life in as little as three minutes per day.

Get over your fear of the unknown. Some people are subconsciously afraid to strengthen their psychic ability. For example, they may worry that psychic ability goes against their religion, or they may wonder what their family and friends will think about them exploring their intuition. Some may even be afraid that they will pick up on the fact that bad things are about to happen.

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Those are legitimate concerns, and you may find that some people think lesser of you for your interests in strengthening your intuition. However, an important lesson in life is learning how to keep other people’s thoughts in perspective and to allow yourself to be inner guided. One way to get over some of the fears associated with using your intuition is to read about the experiences of other people who are psychic. Sonia Choquette’s Diary of a Psychic gives an interesting perspective of strengthening one’s psychic gifts.

Trust what you get. Psychic ability is funny. If you act on what you get, your intuition gets stronger. If you ignore it, it becomes less active in your life. When you have an intuition or feel something in your gut, listen to it even if you don’t understand the reasoning behind it. The more you believe in the fact that you know what you know, the more effective your psychic ability will be.

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