Cutting the cords with a toxic boss

When someone constantly causes us anger, frustration or some other heavy emotion, we’re energetically connected to them in a big way. It’s great to share a connection with loved ones and romantic partners, but who wants to share one with people that we can’t stand?

Since we spend so much time in the workplace, it’s not surprising that we come across people who rile us up — not necessarily in a good way. When it’s a boss who has the ability┬áto make or break our day, we’ve essentially given up our power not only to control our emotions, but to create a better life.

Sometimes we may find ourselves drawn to people we don’t like because we shared a past life with them. Other times, we simply find ourselves in difficult situations because we subconsciously believed that we deserved it.

In all cases, you want to cut the emotional cords that tie you to difficult people. Read on to find out how the power of detachment can help.

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