4 signs a psychic is the real deal

Many people are hesitant to visit a psychic because it is often hard to tell who is real and who is a scam. It can be heart wrenching for someone whose life is in a mess and they go looking for a psychic to give them answers as to what they should do with their life to improve it, only to be victimized by a psychic that is a fraud or perpetrating a scam.

Unfortunately, there are many some less-than-authentic psychics that use body language to gauge what people are thinking or feeling and then tell the person what they want to hear, whether it is real or not. One must look for a psychic who is willing to tell you the truth and not hunting for vague answers that could be a reading for your neighbor as well as for you.

Signs a psychic is real

There are definite signs that a person is a real psychic. The following will give you an idea of what to look for in a psychic.

1. If a psychic is real, they will ask you not to tell them anything about your situation. Instead they should tell you something important about your life at the start. Perhaps something not many people know about you. This would be something relevant about your life or something going on currently. Maybe an incident that occurred that they have no way of knowing. Or a little-known fact, such as a special name your grandma had for you.

2. The psychic should be somewhat detached and not impose their personal opinion on you. They should be accurate and specific about your personal situation. Perhaps they tell you that you need to get away from a spouse who is hurting you, and they know details you have never told anyone.

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3. They should be honest and not hold back information because they think that you don’t want to hear it. It is not for them to decide what you need to hear or not. You should be allowed to decide for yourself. Also it is not up to them to tell you how to run your life.

4. The psychic should do most of the talking; you should not have to give them a lot of information. After all you are looking for information from them. If they seem to ask a lot of questions or fish for information, then they probably are not real.

When going to a psychic, you should feel comfortable talking with them. If they are real, they are privy to some of the most intimate details of your life. A good psychic will take their responsibilities very seriously and not take advantage of the client’s vulnerabilities. Many times a person will go to find psychic answers, and when they find someone who gives them insight into their life, they tend to hand the psychic reader all their personal power. You have to remember that psychic readers are people a lot like us; they just have the ability to tune into insights that are not always readily available to the rest of us.

Online psychics can be helpful and you can get an appointment whenever you need to speak with a psychic rather than waiting for an appointment to open up on the psychic’s calendar. While there are many online psychic services, I recommend AskNow. You can call an AskNow psychic anytime at 1-877-649-2391. One of the best things about using online psychics is that you can hang up immediately if you sense that a psychic is not for real, which can be much less awkward than meeting with a psychic face to face only to find that you don’t like the psychic’s energy.

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