6 signs you should not move forward

Whether you’re trying to decide whether you should move on from a relationship, or you’re wondering whether you should move forward with a career plan, your intuition can provide all of the insight you need.

If you’re truly in tune with your inner voice, you will know when a decision is right for you, as well as when it would be in your best interest to move in a different direction. However, many of us have not strengthened our inherent psychic ability enough to know this distinction. Luckily, the Universe works on our behalf and gives us signs to help us on our paths.

It’s easy to tell when you’re on the right path. Doors magically open, the people we need most unexpectedly appear, and we feel as if everything is working in our favor. However, when we’ve veered off onto a path that is not in our best interest, the Universe gives us signs as well. Here are some of them.

We feel a sense of dread. So often we discount our feelings when that’s probably the worst thing we can do. If you’re dreading something, or feeling heavy and generally not good when you think about it, that could be your subconscious telling you this is a bad decision.

We forget or procrastinate. Sometimes we put something off not because we’re lazy or disorganized, but rather because something in us recognizes that this is not the best time for it. Other times we forget to do something because our subconscious doesn’t want us to deal with it right now. Before you give yourself a hard time about something, ask yourself if it’s in your best interest to slow down.

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Walls go up before us. Have you ever had a time in your life when despite all of your efforts, you experienced wall after wall after wall going up between you and your dreams? No, it’s not necessarily bad karma. It could be that the Universe is pushing you to walk in a different direction and a door will amazingly appear.

People turn against us. Sometimes if you can’t pick up on messages sent to you subconsciously through dreams or random thoughts, the Universe enlists the help of other people. No, those other people don’t realize they’re being used as pawns in a greater game. They are just doing the things that they feel compelled to do, and those things likely don’t fit in with your current plans.

We make mistakes. Nobody is perfect, and we all make errors at times. However, when we’re on the wrong path we may find ourselves making more mistakes than usual. Again, that’s another sign that your spirit is not present and may not be in alignment with the task at hand.

We can’t imagine a positive outcome. The ability to visualize a desired outcome is key to manifesting positive results in life. If you can’t imagine things going well in your current course of action, it’s probably a good idea to take some time to be still and gain clarity.

If you do come to the realization that you’re being asked to stop and be still, understand that that doesn’t mean you can never move forward. When it comes to intuition and using it wisely, a ‘no’ today can be a ‘yes’ tomorrow. Simply be still and look for guidance, and when the Universe beckons for you to move forward again, you’ll be ready to run.

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