A Dream of Giving Birth: Transformational Dreams Continue

I wrote last about a dream of climbing a ladder. As I explained, it was clear to me that this dream was significant. I also believed it was foreshadowing the move from one chapter to another chapter in my life. The transformational dreams have continued, as last night I found myself dreaming of giving birth.

The spiritual meaning of a dream about giving birth

Before I go any further, let me just say that there is no way this dream can be literal. After the health challenges I’ve endured, I know giving birth in the literal sense of the word is not probable. However, the spiritual meaning of giving birth in a dream often has little to do with becoming a parent. 

What giving birth could signify in a dream

There are a ton of dream symbolism web sites and dream symbolism books. While these can be helpful, I like to first think about what symbols mean to me. I believe the Universe communicates with us in a language that is specific to us. My symbols may have different messages for you. 

With that said, there are some general themes that come with certain symbols just as archetypes tend to have universal meanings

Giving birth can definitely mean going into labor and physically birthing a child. But it can also mean birthing something else, such as a creative project. If you study astrology, you may know that the fifth house is not only the house of children but it is the house of creative works.  Whether you’re birthing a baby or a book, it can likely be found in the fifth house of your astrological chart. 

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I would go so far as to say that giving birth to something can represent any new meaningful effort that you are about to bring into the world. Some examples include:

  1. A new philosophy
  2. A new project
  3. A new perspective
  4. A new process
  5. A new way of being

While new births are happy times, the birthing process can be painful but if you ask any mother, she will likely say that it is a pain that is well worth the effort. There is also that period before the birth when the mother knows the baby is coming but she doesn’t know when or how life will be when the baby is here. She’s not wishing the baby will come or hoping the baby will come or doubting the baby will come. The baby is a real person even though he or she isn’t here yet, and the mother knows it is here as she awaits the unfolding of her new life once the birth has been complete.

My dream of giving birth

In the dream I had last night, I was laying on what looked like a hospital bed. There were people surrounding me and the medical staff was helping me to feel comfortable. Everyone was excited. I was excited. We were all waiting for the baby to arrive. 

Interestingly, the birth did not take place in the dream. We were all waiting for the imminent arrival. We knew it would be soon, but we knew that it would happen in its own time. 

My analysis of the dream

This one wasn’t too difficult for me to figure out. I am birthing something, but I am still at the pre-birth stage. I suspect it has something to do with my writing, which has changed dramatically over the course of the last two years. I am working on new creative projects — particularly fictional projects — that were previously on the back burner for me. The dream could be referencing me birthing my first fictional book.

Even my non-fictional spiritual writing has taken a turn. I’m also brainstorming an idea for a new blog. One thing I have learned: Though I may think I know what a dream or intuitive message is trying to tell me, I allow myself to continue to be led rather than assume that I have all the answers. Over time, I will know what has been birthed so while I continue to move forward with my writing, I will pay attention to other things that come up. It could be something I am not even thinking about consciously right now.

How dreams connect over time

So here is why you should record your dreams if you want to build up a metaphysical practice. I have found that dreams often work together, giving me more and more information as I go along. 

In the dream about climbing the ladder, I saw myself reach the top without anyone’s help, even though I had been afraid I might fall. The fact that I moved from one floor to the next showed me that I was reaching a new level in my life and entering a new stage. 

This dream of giving birth is a continuation of that theme. I am not only entering a new stage and new level, but I am birthing something new that will, again, herald in a major change in my life. 

If you want to start recording your dreams, you can use a dream journal or any notebook. You can also record your impressions on your phone if you don’t feel like writing. The important thing is to get the thoughts down so that when events take place in your life that correlate with your dreams, you’ll know when you had the dream and exactly how your intuition spoke to you.

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