A magical bath to bring you money and love

Looking for a boost to your magical routine? Look no further than your bath.

We bathe in order to keep our bodies clean, but did you know baths can also be used to cleanse ourselves spiritually? Not only that, but they can be used to help us to achieve our goals, including the goals of attracting more money and love into our lives.

A ritual that’s often associated with witchcraft, magical bathing involves the use of special herbs, oils and salts in one’s bath water in order to bring about a certain outcome. For example, you may use a magical bath to give you insight into a problem that you have. Or you may use a magical bath to cast a spell of protection or promote special healing within your body.

The Natural Magick Shop offers a number of bath herbs that are ritually prepared, which means they are prepared on the best day of the week and the ideal Moon phase to create the intended product. Typically, you boil the herbs into a tea and then add the tea to your bath water. If you’re looking to attract more money or love into your life, here are two offerings that might give your bath time a boost and bring you closer to your goals.

A bath to bring money. Money bath herbs are designed to help you score a quick influx of cash or to improve your financial situation over the long haul. In astrology, the planet Jupiter controls issues related to money, and the day that Jupiter rules is Thursday. Therefore, the herbs for the money bath are prepared  by the Natural Magick Shop on a Thursday either on the Full Moon or the week before. Check out the money bath herbs here.

A bath to bring love. Not surprisingly, the Natural Magick Shop says love bath herbs are among their most popular. These are used whether you’d like to enhance a current relationship or attract a new one into your life. Venus is the planet that rules the love domain, and Friday is Venus’ day. So the herbs for the love bath are prepared on the Friday right before the full moon. Check out the love bath herbs here.

There are other types of bath herbs for other intentions. In fact, the Natural Magick Shop also has bath herbs for protection, happiness, healing and luck.

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