A Psychic Prediction About Kobe Bryant’s Death

The sports world, and frankly, the world in general was shocked by the sudden death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant due to a helicopter crash. However, a tweet has resurfaced suggesting that at least one person may have made a psychic prediction about Kobe Bryant’s death more than a decade ago.

To say that Kobe Bryant’s death had an impact is an understatement. I mean I am a basketball fan, but I heard friends who never watched a basketball game in their lives feel touched by this loss.

As the news and the tributes poured in, an interesting old tweet resurfaced, which seemed to have some insight into the tragedy that had yet to happen.

A psychic prediction about Kobe’s death on twitter

Back in 2012, a fan called @dotNoso tweeted: “Kobe is going to end up dying in a helicopter crash.”

One of the most interesting things about this story is that the poster claims not to know why he posted this. He does not make the claim that it was a psychic prediction.

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In fact, someone who apparently knows this poster offered a logical reason why the post was initially made.

While this is certainly a plausible explanation, it’s just as plausible that the tweeter truly had a premonition but did not realize it. When we first start opening up to our psychic abilities it’s common for us to shrug off thoughts we have that turn out later to be true. We might call them a coincidence or tell ourselves that we are making something up.

Often a psychic prediction will come simply as a random thought. It might not make sense when we first think it, but later we could realize that it was describing an incident that had yet to occur.

I had a similar experience years ago when I was watching the news and a news segment came on about Dale Earnhardt, the late race car driver. Earnhardt was going to race the next day and I remember the thought popped into my head: “He’s going to die.”

I had no idea why I thought that and I shrugged it off as something silly, but the next day, I learned that Earnhardt had died in a car crash during his race. To this day I still don’t know why that piece of information came to me. However, it did give me a new respect for my psychic abilities and I knew then that I could not longer deny them.

Perhaps this is a wake up call for @dotNoso. Perhaps he can recognize that his tweet from eight years ago is pretty extraordinary and commit to strengthening his intuition so he can use his gift some more.

While this particular prediction was heartbreaking, perhaps he will find that ultimately trusting his gut turns out to a blessing over time.

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