Past Life Lessons from a Sudden Death

past life sudden death

Basketball star Kobe Bryant’s sudden death from a helicopter crash not only seemingly jolted the world, but it sparked a lot of conversations about how life can be unpredictable and unexpectedly cut short. While some people die of old age seemingly content with their accomplishments, Kobe’s death highlighted the fact that death can sometimes come when it seems that someone has so much left to do. Could such a tragic ending have an impact on that soul’s next life?

The following insights gathered from those who explore past lives would suggest that the answer is yes.

A traumatic death could lead to ambition

Our past lives don’t occur in a vacuum. Rather, every life that we live teaches us something that carries over into future lives. Fears are a good example of this. If a fire burned us or killed us in a past life, we might fear fire today.

Likewise, if we suffered a traumatic death where we feel we did not get to finish what we intended to do, we may approach our next life with an unusual sense of ambition or vigor. If we experienced a past life sudden death, we might be that person who works harder than everyone else and never takes a break because we’re being driven by the past life fear that it could all be suddenly taken away before we finish.

In some cases, a soul may experience the opposite in that they know intuitively on a certain level that their current life will be short so they achieve a lot while they are young. These are the celebrities and athletes (like a Kobe Bryant) who achieved more in their short lives than many people achieve in twice the amount of time.

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A sudden death could lead to sacrifice

What if we experienced a sudden death and we believed it to be our fault — particularly if someone else was also hurt? For example, say a person had a few drinks at a restaurant and then got behind the wheel even though they knew they were a little tipsy. They then caused an accident that led to their death and the death of someone else. That soul may enter the next lifetime feeling an overwhelming need to make amends.

What might that look like in their next lifetime? This might be a person who appears to be selfless and willing to do anything for anyone. This may be a person who seems to be a doormat, letting everyone walk all over them. However, in reality, that soul may be simply giving back to others in an attempt to make up for the pain caused by the life he or she previously took.

A sudden death could cause a greater appreciation for life

In some cases, a soul who experienced a quick and unexpected death may bring a sense of reverence to their next life. They may be the kind of person who appreciates every moment or seems to love life.

There are some past life regression experts who say that the thought we have at the moment of death will be particularly powerful in our next life. If in our last moment of life we’re wishing we had more time so we could enjoy the little things, we may find ourself in our next life savoring every blessing we get.

A sudden death could cause one to be an earthbound spirit

There’s another outcome that sometimes occurs when a soul experiences a sudden death. If you’re fans of shows such as Ghost Adventures, you’ve seen stories about earthbound spirits, or ghosts, which haunt a specific location. They may lead you to wonder why some people pass over to the other side and reincarnate while others stick around haunting old houses or hotels?

One reason a spirit may remain on the earthly plane is because that spirit died suddenly and has not accepted the fact that that particular life is over. If a spirit has not had much time to process a looming death, that soul is more likely to be caught off-guard.

The spirit may also be unwilling or unready to detach from a loved one who is still living. There are some accounts from mediums that certain spirits don’t even realize they are dead.

While none of these lessons are better or worse than the others, they just go to show that every soul has a unique evolution, and we’re all learning from every life no matter how long — or short — that life may be. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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