What Will Happen This Winter? Use This Tarot Spread to Find Out

If you live in North America, this past weekend you may have been feeling the energies surrounding the Winter Solstice. Officially taking place December 21 at 11:19 pm EST, the Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year and the beginning of Winter. Every season brings new opportunities and new challenges, and if you’re wondering what the winter season will bring, a tarot card reading can give you some insight into what to expect. Below you’ll find a simple tarot spread for Winter Solstice that can help you get the most out of the winter season. (See: Why You Should Create Your Own Tarot Card Spreads)

Tarot cards often speak in terms of themes. They can shed light on areas of your life that are in need of your focus. Likewise, they can identify challenges and areas of your life where conditions are favorable. A simple three-card tarot spread can help you identify what you should focus on during the current season and what you should leave behind.

One thing to consider when thinking about the winter season is its purpose in the cycle of life. When it comes to the seasons, winter often gets a bad rap. People complain about the cold and the shorter days and anxiously look forward to spring.

However, winter has a unique importance that should not be overlooked. It’s the perfect time for planting seeds that need some time to take root. Bigger goals that will take some time and effort to accomplish can be set during the winter and by the time the spring and summer roll around, you may begin to see traces of your intention crystalizing into physical form. Winter is also an excellent time for meditation, contemplation and inner work that is often needed to create outward manifestations and changes.

A tarot spread for Winter Solstice

Pull out your favorite tarot card deck and shuffle the cards. Then either shuffle the cards until three jump out or use your non-dominant hand to select three cards and place them face down in front of you. Now turn the cards over so you can see their faces.

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Note whatever thoughts come to mind initially when looking at the entire spread. Then, look at each card individually.

Tarot spread for Winter Solstice

The first card provides insight into what will be leaving your life this season. Beginnings and endings are a part of life, and while we often dread the endings, they are often necessary before a new beginning can take root. This first card will shed light into something that you have left behind in the fall. This will not be taken with you in the winter season.

The second card gives you advice on what you should embrace this winter. The insights you get from this card invite you to take action. Does the card seem to symbolize love? Then relationships may be something you should pay extra attention to. Does the card have a money-related theme? Then maybe your career or a new business venture should take center stage.

The third card gives you a prediction about how your overall winter season will turn out. With this information, you can better prepare for what’s ahead.

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