A year later: Paranormal theories about Flight 370

It’s been a year since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared with all of the people on it. In the weeks after the tragedy, many theories circulated and many of the paranormal ones were denounced and laughed at. In fact, CNN’s Don Lemon was ridiculed for asking if the missing jetliner might have disappeared into a black hole. How dare Lemon or anyone else for that matter come up with something that is so utterly ridiculous?

Well it’s been a year and all of those logical people who laughed at the paranormal conspiracy theorists have not had any more luck coming up with what happened to that plane. So with all of the brightest minds in the world putting their heads together, doesn’t it seem like someone would come up with the truth?

Maybe it’s time to admit that what happened to that plane wasn’t normal or logical. Maybe it’s time to re-examine some of those paranormal theories that frankly don’t seem too far-fetched given what we know — and don’t know.

Theory one. The plane was somehow taken over by extraterrestrials. I’m not sure I understand why so many people try to discount UFO and extraterrestrial sightings. What are the odds that humans on Earth would be the only living creatures in the Universe? How utterly arrogant it is of us to believe that other living creatures couldn’t be smarter or more developed than us to be able to leave their planet and visit ours. Some believe that Flight 370 somehow was overtaken either by a UFO or by some type of alien technology that took control of the plane and captured it.

Theory two. The plane did venture through a Black hole. Don Lemon’s theory didn’t seem so dumb to me. We know that Black holes exist. Black holes are segments of outer space that have such a strong gravitational pull that no matter can escape it. In other words, it basically would suck something (like a plane?) in. Why couldn’t it happen?

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Theory three. The plane was the victim of a Bermuda Triangle-like incident. The Bermuda Triangle is one of those fascinating mysteries in which we know something strange is happening, but we’re not sure exactly what. The Bermuda Triangle is an area in the Atlantic Ocean where planes, ships and people have reportedly vanished over the years. Some even believe that the magnetic pull of the Bermuda Triangle has something to do with the lost civilization of Atlantis. Could a similar magnetic field be responsible for Flight 370’s disappearance?

Theory four. The plane disappeared into a time warp and ended up in the past or the future. This theory is a mindbender but it’s interesting, nonetheless. Have you ever heard of the Philadelphia Experiment? It is an alleged military experiment that took place in 1943 in which a naval ship was believed to have been teleported to a different time period (some say in the past; others say in the future). Some say this story is true. Some say it’s a hoax. But could something similar have happened to the plane taking it to a different time and era? Could it have even ended up in the past, causing our ancestors to look up in wonder asking if it was a UFO?

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