Long Island Medium, S6, Ep1 Recap: “25 and Counting”

The show starts with Theresa and Larry going back down memory lane to the restaurant where they had their first date. They are celebrating 25 years of marriage and 29 years of being together. She recounts how their family grew. Theresa remembers how she used to have anxiety attacks. She didn’t realize at first that it was because of all of the souls who were communicating with her. This was before she learned how to use her gift. She shares how she was afraid at first to tell Larry about her gift when they started dating. That can be a real concern for people who are working with their psychic ability.

While in the restaurant, Theresa senses the spirit of the owner’s husband and also the spirit of the owner’s brother. See how spirits come through on their own terms and in their own time? Theresa says when the owner feels like her husband is with her, he really is.

First client of the night: Theresa is giving Kristin’s mom a surprise reading. Her mom, Liz, bursts out crying when she sees Theresa. Seeing Theresa “is a dream come true for me,” Liz says through her tears. Theresa has been hearing “oh my girls, my girls, my girls” since she walked into Liz’s home.  Liz has recently lost her husband, and Theresa says she sees Liz’s husband as being a great big teddy bear. Theresa picks up on the fact that he called her “Lizzy.” Kristin had told her father before the session what she wanted him to talk about. Sure enough, Theresa picks up on the fact that there were certain things Kristin wanted him to mention. [Lesson: You can ask for certain signs from Spirits on the other side.] Theresa picked up on the fact that his death happened quickly. He died suddenly of a heart attack while they were on a family vacation three years before. Liz has been carrying guilt wishing she could have saved him, but he let her know through Theresa that she couldn’t have done anything and she had to move on.

Reading in a tea shop:  In a tea shop, Theresa picks up on the father of one of the other customers. Theresa asks the young lady what the number 14 means to her? She said that her father’s birthday was on the 14th of the month. See how Spirit provides the clues you need? Theresa picks up on the fact that the man died on 9/11. Theresa picked up on Paris. It turns out the young lady went to Paris with her mother, which proved that her father was a part of the trip too, even though he was on the other side.

The couple who won the tweet-to-win contest: Theresa now reads for a couple who won the opportunity for a reading. Theresa asks about the number four. They have four children. Theresa realizes they lost a son. Their son Oliver died at 4 1/2. Theresa asks about white butterflies. The mother said they just saw a white butterfly. She also says on the day of the funeral a white butterfly attached to the screen and they often see white butterflies. Theresa acknowledges that the white butterfly is a manifestation of Oliver. It shows that he is still with them.

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Theresa picks up on Oliver telling his mom it’s not her fault. Theresa picks up on a crushing feeling around her head. Oliver died in an accident. He was run over by his mother’s car. Oliver climbed out of the car and walked in front of the truck and his mother didn’t see him. She ran over him. Theresa gets that Oliver is saying he needs his mom to know that he felt her holding him. He wants his mom to know that he is ok. He needs her to look at this differently. He says he needs her to stop ruminating over the death. He says he needs her to stop going over that moment. He says he always felt special. He wants his mom to know that he hears her singing to him. She admits that she sings to him every day.

That one was heartbreaking. Hopefully she can get past her guilt.

Leaving the nest: Larry Jr. announces that he is moving out of the family home. Theresa is upset at first, then starts to think about what she can do with the room once he’s gone.

The Ziplining trip: Theresa and Victoria take a girl trip and go ziplining. Of course Theresa sees someone and knows she has tattoos in memory of people. She has a cross on her leg with a shamrock in it. Theresa is picking up on the woman’s grandmother. The grandmother says ‘don’t lose faith.’ Turns out, the woman’s mother is currently going through breast cancer. Theresa asks about the rainbow. The woman says she followed a rainbow the other day, and Theresa says it validates for her that she is never alone and that her prayers are heard. Her loved ones are guiding her and protecting her and watching over her mom.

Coming next episode: Theresa talks to a murder victim. That should be interesting.

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