Are psychic abilities a gift or a curse?

Everyone has psychic abilities, but sometimes psychic abilities can feel like a curse. Many people find themselves questioning whether they want to explore their psychic abilities if they have an intuition about bad news before it happens, if they perceive something about their own lives that they don’t want to believe, and if others have negative views of their abilities or psychic ability in general.

Some people become disheartened when they perceive that a loved one is ill even before the person is aware of the illness. Others  have premonitions of major tragedies such as earthquakes, plane crashes and other disasters, and feel helpless because there is nothing that they can do to prevent the situation. They may think, ‘what is the purpose of knowing about an earthquake in advance if I can’t stop it or keep people from being affected by it?’

In fact, it is not unusual for someone to have an intuition about something unpleasant and to shut their psychic ability down as a result.

If you feel like your psychic abilities are a curse, you can change that perception by remembering that many things that happen in life appear to be bad, but they have a larger spiritual meaning. Your psychic abilities connect you to the Universe and the power that connects all of life. From a universal perspective tragedy and death are not bad; rather they simply make up the cycle of life. When you are in tune with your psychic abilities you’re getting a glimpse of life from the standpoint of your higher self and its connection to the spiritual laws of the Universe.

It’s also important to realize that no psychic premonition is guaranteed to happen. Psychic premonitions are like snapshots of the future. They basically let you know what is likely to happen if things keep going in the same direction that they are currently going. But it’s important to realize that people have free will. They have the ability to change their future course at any time.  So any psychic premonition that you have today could change if the parties involved and their higher selves desire that it changes.

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It’s also important to realize that you are not responsible for anyone. Some people believe that  they are obligated to do something if they get a psychic premonition. The reality of the matter is that everyone would receive psychic premonitions more frequently if they were more in tune with their intuition. As a result, psychic premonitions are natural and they show that you are connected to the Universe. That, ultimately, is a blessing. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.