Be Open for Answers

Yesterday I wrote about engaging intuition by asking the right questions. Intuition is designed to help you achieve your best life. If you ask no questions, you’re letting the universe know that you’re complacent; there’s nothing you need to know.

But in order to engage the flow of intuition, you’ve also got to be open to the answers. It therefore follows that you may find that there are certain situations in which your intuition doesn’t seem very helpful:

—Situations when you already think you know the answer. What’s the point of asking for signs or guidance when you’ve already closed your mind off to some of the possibilities?

—Situations surrounding your biggest dreams. If you really, really want a certain outcome, you’re likely to close yourself off to some potential answers because you’re either too certain that you’re going to get it (or that you’re not).

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—Situtions connected to past hurts. If you’re still reeling from a broken relationship or a breach of trust, you may not be open to all answers because of fears of being hurt again.

That’s not to say you can’t use your intuition to help you with the things that matter most to you. In later posts we’ll discuss ways to trick your logical mind so that your intuition can be heard during emotionally-charged situations. But for now, when you’re starting to engage your intuition, it’s best to start with questions that you feel more neutral about — questions that you’re curious about, but not vested in the outcome. Once you start noticing how the universe responds to your questions, you can move on to bigger and better things.

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