Can an ancestor be a Spirit Guide?

spirit guide ancestorSpirit Guides are instrumental to our evolution. They help us when we find ourselves going through tough times, they send us signs when we are confused about what to do next, and they come to our aid when we call on them. If that description sounds like that of a loved one, you may be happy to know that a  Spirit Guide could, in fact, be the spirit of a loved one who has passed away.

Many Spirit Guides have had incarnations on earth. A soul may decide to spend a lifetime as a Spirit Guide to help others and to learn new lessons about love, life and healing. You may even decide to become a Spirit Guide in a future lifetime. Or you might have been a Spirit Guide in the past.

So if one of your ancestors has decided to become a Spirit Guide, that soul may, in fact, be watching over you and helping you move through life.

So how can you know if an ancestor is a Spirit Guide?

You may get messages that let you know. You may notice signs that make you think of an ancestor. For example, you may notice a scent that smells like a deceased loved one’s favorite perfume. You may frequently hear a song that reminds you of a loved one. You may have dreams of a loved one in which you feel as if that person is communicating with you.

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You can ask them. You can and should communicate with your Spirit Guides. Ask them questions. Ask them their names. Go into meditation and you may intuitively get the answers that you seek. Trust the information that you get.

You may recognize their energy. Everyone has an energetic blueprint. On a psychic level, we can recognize others by the way their energy feels to us. If a Spirit Guide is working with you, you may be able to sense their energy. If it’s the energy of a loved one who has passed away, you may recognize it.

Our loved ones are often connected to us through life and death. A loved one who has passed away may be closer to you than ever, helping you to face your life’s current challenges and move bravely  forward.

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