Can certain foods enhance psychic ability?

We all know nutrition plays a big role in our quality of life, but can it also impact our psychic ability? According to Doreen Virtue, the answer is ‘yes.’

In her book Nutrition for Intuition, Virtue discusses how certain foods can enhance our natural intuitive abilities. Likewise, a diet that is based on certain foods can make it more difficult for us to receive and recognize intuitive information. Over the years, Virtue says she looked at how foods affected her third eye and she also paid attention to how her students were impacted by their diets.

It is also interesting to note that Virtue  has a background as a former eating disorder therapist so she had that expertise to help with her research into the topic as well.

So are you wondering what types of foods can give your psychic ability a boost? Think healthy foods, and those  that epitomize life (i.e. raw fruits and vegetables.) Foods that dull the senses tend to be those that are denser and heavier on your body, such as fried foods and sugar. So the same junk foods that are harmful to your physical body are likely going to negatively affect your inherent psychic ability.

Virtue offers a sneak peak into her book with the following tips:

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Fresh Pineapple contains a high level of life force energy, Virtue says. As a result, it’s good for increasing your ability to have accurate visions.

Organic Broccoli has been found, according to Virtue, to be supportive of the endocrine glands, and when those are working well, your intuition is more sync.

Raw Organic Almonds are also good for your intuition. They offer a boost in protein, Vitamin E and Calcium, which, again, boost those endocrine glands, giving your psychic sense added power, Virtue says.

There are many reasons to improve your diet, but if you’d like to take your psychic ability to the next level, optimize your physical health and watch your intuitive senses grow.  You can learn more about foods that support your intuition with Virtue’s book. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.