Can trauma spark psychic ability?

Not everyone can remember having had psychic abilities their entire life. Many people find that they started noticing a heightened sense of intuition at a certain point in their late adolescence or adulthood. For some, those heightened abilities seemed to arrive after a traumatic event.

Anecdotally, many people who find themselves suddenly just ‘knowing’ things, or sensing things they have no logical way of knowing, recognize that these newfound skills seemed to arrive after a major life event.

They may find that they begin to sense the presence of spirits after a loved one has passed away. Or they may recover from a major illness only to find that they now can sense when certain events are going to happen before they do. Or perhaps they were the victim of a crime or assault and now have more insight into when a situation may present a (hidden) danger.

While it may seem like the event itself sparked the newfound psychic ability, many believe that those psychic abilities were always inherent in the person. However, the trauma did something to set them free.

Perhaps if someone survived a dangerous situation, their psychic ability became stronger because they subconsciously recognized the importance of using that psychic ability for protection. Perhaps the trauma actually sparked a rewiring in the brain, which makes it easier to access those parts of the mind that promote psychic ability.

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For those who find themselves suddenly experiencing psychic abilities that they don’t understand, it can be frightening. Many people describe feeling like they are losing their mind, or being afraid of this newfound knowledge that they don’t have a logical explanation for.

One way to help yourself to become more comfortable with such feelings is to take a class on psychic development. You want to not only recognize that you’re not alone (everyone has psychic ability; some simply have a stronger psychic muscle than others). You also want to learn how to use it to your advantage rather than feeling like there’s something wrong with you. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.