Can ghosts reach out and touch us?

It’s not uncommon for people to experience some type of contact with a being who is on the other side. In fact, for people who have strong natural psychic abilities or who have taken the time to strengthen their psychic abilities through a psychic development course or by regularly flexing their psychic muscles, it’s very common to communicate with spirits.

But can a ghost reach out and touch you?

There are many theories about that. Most paranormal experts will tell you that the presence of a ghost will affect you physically. For example, the hairs on your body may stand up, or the temperature in the room you are in may suddenly drop. You might also feel a tingling in your skin or goose bumps.

But it’s more unusual to find credible experiences in which ghosts violently reach out and hurt someone. Of course there’s no shortage of violent ghosts in movies, but among those who research ghosts and hauntings regularly it’s not quite so common. According to Manchester Paranormal Investigations, ghosts can touch you or grab you usually to try to get your attention. They even say that sometimes people may believe that they were pushed because the touch took them by surprise and we are often conditioned to believe that ghosts are harmful and out to hurt us.

Could this be what happened to a woman in Santiago, Chile?  She claims that not only can ghosts touch you, but it happened to her when she was unexpectedly shoved to the ground by a ghost. She was walking past a desk at her lawyer’s office when she felt herself being pushed down. When she looked up, nothing was there. The experience was caught on videotape. What do you think?

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