Why we reincarnate with other souls that we know

If you know a lot about reincarnation, you may have heard that souls often reincarnate together over and over again. Chances are, some of the people in your current life played a role in one or more of your past lives, as well. That doesn’t mean the person you are married to today was your spouse in another lifetime. Your spouse could have been your child, your best friend could have been your sister, and so on and so on.

Often you will meet someone and instantly connect. We often hear about love relationships beginning this way when two people feel such a strong connection that they jump into a passionate love affair. But it can also happen with other relationships. For example, you may have instantly connected with a best friend and known instinctively that your secrets were safe with this person.

So why do we often reincarnate with the same souls over and over again? With so many souls in the Universe, wouldn’t it make sense for us to get to know other souls and perhaps explore the lessons that these different souls could teach?

One reason that we often reincarnate with the same souls is because we are vested in each other’s evolution. Often, the souls we reincarnate with are members of the same soul group as us. Soul groups are collections of beings who share sacred contracts. We agree to help those in our soul group with their spiritual journeys and they do the same for us. Our greatest lessons are being taught during our various lifetimes so it makes sense for different members of our soul group to travel with us and help us out.

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According to Edgar Cayce, one of the most famous clairvoyants and a medical intuitive, there are three major reasons that we reincarnate with other souls that we’ve shared lifetimes with before.

Sometimes we share a lifetime again in order to re-pay an obligation. That soul may have helped you tremendously in a past life or made a major sacrifice in order to help you in your evolution process. You may share another lifetime so that this time around you can do that for them. Karma may also play a role in this. Every action made causes a reaction. Every thing you do sets off a chain of events. You get what you give. If you hurt or caused pain to someone in a past life, for example, you may share another life with that person so the wrong has an opportunity to be rectified.

A second reason we share a lifetime with others once again, according to Edgar Cayce, is to resolve a conflict. This happens typically when there is unfinished business between you and the other soul. You weren’t able to solve a problem in the earlier life so you get another opportunity to do so this time around.

A third reason that Edgar Cayce gives is to perpetuate love. Everything that happens in life isn’t a reflection of a previous lifetime. The souls that you share multiple lives with could simply be expressing love and want to continue to travel down the spiritual road together.

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