Can you attract a soulmate through lucid dreaming?

Can you use lucid dreaming to find your soulmate? Yes, says lucid dreaming expert Charlie Morley.

Lucid dreaming is a state in which a part of your mind is conscious and aware that you are dreaming. As a result, you can literally control some elements of the dream. You might decide to explore a certain location or you might choose how you will react to something in the dream.

For example, Morley gives the example of someone who is afraid of spiders choosing in a lucid dream to allow the spider to crawl up his arm. Why would he do that? Because it might help the person to get over a fear of spiders.

Benefits of lucid dreaming

And that brings us to the beauty of lucid dreaming. While some might look at it as a method of escapism, in reality, it can do so much more for us. People can use lucid dreaming techniques to grapple with a tough issue, they can use the techniques to confront phobias or fears, they can use the techniques to promote healing in their bodies, and according to Morley, they can use them to find a soulmate.

In an audio lesson for Hay House, Morley shared an experience of one of his clients. The client wanted to meet her soulmate so she set the intention to have a lucid dream that would help her to do so.

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Experts say that setting the intention to have a lucid dream can be very effective at bringing one on. According to Morley, you can also set an intention about what you want to achieve in the dream.

Morley’s client set the intention before she went to sleep that she wanted to learn through a lucid dream how to find her soulmate. When she went to sleep, three images came to mind. The first was a pile of wood and a carpenter’s hat. The second was an image of St. Padre Pio, an Italian saint. The third was an area in Italy called Cordova.

When the woman woke up, she made the assumption that the images were the answer to her question. She checked Facebook to see if she knew anyone in Cordova. She didn’t, but a friend was friends with a man who lived in Cordova so she friended that man. As the two corresponded, she learned that the man considered carpentry to be a hobby. The two eventually met and had their first date, and the woman realized in retrospect that the date was on the Saint Day of Padre Pio.

Perhaps it’s all coincidence, but it’s undeniable that a great deal of action came from the desire to have a lucid dream. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.