Can you communicate with pets?

If you’re a pet lover, chances are there has been a time when you’ve wished you could speak with your special friend. Perhaps your pet didn’t feel well; or you wondered whether she was happy with the grooming job she just got. Maybe you just wanted to have a conversation with your pet to get a better grasp on his personality.

Pet psychics and pet communicators have a knack for talking with pets. Not only can some psychics provide guidance in helping to find a lost pet, but many can tell you what’s on your dog’s or cat’s mind. Some psychics can even communicate with pets that have crossed over to the other side.

I was recently gifted a pet reading. Not knowing what to expect, I called the pet psychic up and she asked me what animal I wanted to communicate with. I told her my 2-year-old cat. She then told me another cat was coming through and she asked me if I had a cat that had passed away at an earlier time. She described the black and grey cat that she was seeing and lo and behold, she described my cat who had passed away about five years ago perfectly.

The pet psychic told me that my former cat is ok, and wanted to let me know that she was happy and had enjoyed her life. The pet psychic then turned her attentions to my current cat. Since the reading was done by phone, the pet psychic had no way of seeing what my cat looked like, yet she described her accurately. She also picked up on some digestion problems my cat was having. Again, I had not told her about these problems and there was no way for her to know about them. She identified a condition that I’d been concerned with for a few months now and suggested a change of diet that would help my cat’s food to digest better.

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She also told me that this cat and I had shared another life together. She said the cat was a cat in this other life, and I was her owner, but one of us had met with a tragic end in that lifetime, leaving the other quite sad. However, in this lifetime, my cat is quite happy though she prefers her hair longer than the short lion hair cut I’ve recently given her.

The experience was not only interesting, but it was beneficial to me. There’s no doubt in my mind that she was somehow in communication with my cat because she described the digestive problems in too much detail to be simply making a lucky guess. Thanks to the reading, I can try different cat food and see if it will make a difference. As a pet lover, it’s certainly an experience I would recommend, and I’d do it again.

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