Are psychics real? 3 reasons a psychic reading didn’t come true

One complaint that I’ve heard from people who are cynical of psychic readings is that they experienced a reading that did not come true. A psychic told them they were going to marry their current partner or that they’d meet someone or get a new job, but it didn’t happen. The disappointment from having a psychic reading fail to come true can leave some people disillusioned about all psychics and healers, believing them to be fakes and frauds.

If you don’t believe me, do a search of some of the online complaint sites to see people whining about how a psychic reader didn’t know every aspect of their lives or didn’t get every detail right. Sure, there might be frauds or fakes out there delivering psychic readings, but there are other reasons why a psychic reading may not come true and it has nothing to do with whether the psychic deliberately set out to mislead you.

The timing could have been off. Perhaps everything the psychic told you was accurate, but it just has not finished playing out yet. It’s not uncommon for psychics to get dates wrong. In fact, some psychics say that predicting dates is one of the most difficult things for them to learn how to do. In Diary of a Psychic, Sonia Choquette describes how she’s done readings for people who told her that she was totally wrong about what she told them. However, years later, those same people came back to her and told her she was right — the event she had told them about simply took longer to occur than the person thought it would. Sometimes psychics don’t give dates at all and people assume something is going to happen in three months or six months, for example. When you get a reading, don’t focus so much on time as you focus on the events that unfold.

You changed your future. Alas, here’s one of the biggest secrets about psychic readings. No psychic reading is fool-proof because you can always change your future. You, and only you, have the power to create your life. Every choice you make leads to a new set of opportunities and experiences. When you get a psychic reading, a psychic is tuning into the most likely outcome based on where you are right now. Change your mind? You change your life. The good news is that if you get a psychic reading and don’t like what was said, you can change it. If you get a psychic reading and you like what you hear, you’re on the right track. Keep doing what you’re doing.

You needed to tap your own power. While a psychic reading can be helpful, some people give away their power by seeking psychic readings for every decision they have to make. That’s not what psychic readings are for. Ultimately, everyone is capable of tapping into their own intuition, and if you’re relying too much on others, the Universe might give you a reason to stop getting so many outside readings. If you’ve gotten a psychic reading that didn’t resonate with you or that was absolutely false, instead of going right away to another psychic, try tapping into your own inner knowing. Or consider taking a psychic development class or workshop. For example, Anthony Watts, a psychic dreaming instructor, offers a course in which he teaches techniques for using the power of your dreams to tap into your psychic and subconscious mind.  Once you begin to trust your own intuitive abilities, you may find that you knew the next step all along.

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for this great article. Psychic readings have to do with the reading of the energy and potential future considering the current situation of the person. When the reading is done and they do wish to change even the smallest thing in their lives, then they immediately change the foretold future by the psychic. The reading is based on the current emotional and physical situation of the client. We all need to understand that we have the power in our hands to change the future. Psychic readings are usually a “wake-up call” so as we realize which changes are necessary in our lives.


  • Great article. Sometimes people forget that we still have free-will. So just because a psychic predicted that you’d meet your soulmate on Jan 12th, doesn’t mean that it’s automatically going to come true. We still have the power to shape our future through free-will and not everything a psychic says is set in stone.

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