Can you make up your own meanings to Tarot Cards?

love-tarotOne of the most difficult things about learning how to use Tarot Cards is memorizing the different meanings of the cards. For that reason, some might wonder if it matters whether you actually know the official interpretations. When you’re truly in sync with your intuition, the answer is ‘no.’

Tarot Cards are a divination tool designed to help you to tap into your intuition. The meanings that come with the cards are meant to be a guide to help you to get started with using the cards. However, the official meanings should never override what you intuitively pick up from a particular card or spread.

Many people who use Tarot Cards even find that they can get different meanings for the same card at different times. That makes perfect sense, as the cards are meant to tap into your intuition in the moment. What you’re picking up in one moment or one situation is likely to be different from what you pick up in another.

It’s also common for people to develop their own language when reading Tarot Cards or using any other divination tool. For example, the Sun card could have a certain meaning for you that is different from any other interpretation that you’ve read. ┬áThe more you use your cards, the more familiar you will be with the symbols and meanings that resonate with you.

Think of the official interpretations as a starting point, and allow yourself to move beyond those interpretations to give the cards your own meanings. Spend time with a new deck of Tarot Cards by simply looking at the images and asking yourself what messages those images invoke. If you don’t feel like you’re connecting to a particular Tarot Card deck, don’t be afraid to replace it with another deck that feels better to your soul.

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One way to learn what your cards are trying to tell you is by picking three cards in the morning and intending that they give you a message for that day. Ask yourself what that message is and then go about your day. At the end of the day, look again at the three cards that you picked in the morning. Now that the day is over, is the message conveyed by the cards clearer? Were you right that morning when you guessed what the cards were saying? By repeating this exercise regularly, you will likely become more familiar with your cards and you’ll start to notice patterns and how certain cards seem to show up before certain events happen. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.