Can you send help to loved ones telepathically?

It can be difficult to watch a loved one who is in a tough predicament. Sometimes we feel a desire to help someone even if doing so is not in our best interests, such as if a relative asks you for a loan that you can’t afford to give. Other times, we may realize that helping someone is actually enabling them since constant bailouts can keep them from making necessary changes. But one way that you can help someone in a different, yet powerful, way is through telepathy.

Telepathy is the sending of thoughts from one person to another. Sometimes people are aware that they are communicating telepathically, such as when one person finishes anther person’s sentences. Other times, we may be thinking about someone without realizing that we’re actually picking up on their current thoughts about us.

One of the beautiful things about telepathy is that we can use it even if another person is completely unaware that we are doing so. And you don’t have to be Sookie Stackhouse to do so.

Sending telepathy to a loved one

So how can you use telepathy to help out a loved one? You can send positive thoughts their way.  Have you ever heard someone say they’ll keep you in their thoughts? There is a lot of truth to that statement as a person’s thoughts can send warm wishes your way — or even do you harm such as in the case of curses.

By sending positive thoughts to loved ones who are going through a particular time, you’re literally sending positive energy their way. Not only does that person have their own strength to rely on, but they have a portion of yours as well.

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Another way to help a loved one telepathically is to visualize them moving successfully through their tough time. Just as visualization can help you to attract things and circumstances into your life through the Law of Attraction, visualization can be used as a tool for helping others.

For example, if a loved one is having financial problems and is unable to find a job, visualize that person working in their desired field and having plenty of money to handle any situation that comes up. The more you visualize happiness and success for this person, the more positive energy you send their way.

The one thing you should try not to do is to worry excessively about your loved one. When you worry about someone, you’re focusing on what you don’t want to happen to that person. Just as focusing on a negative outcome for yourself can be harmful to yourself, focusing on a negative outcome for a loved one can detract from their success if they pick up on your energy. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.